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Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/16/2005 07:52 PM
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What I am about to say could be very exciting for many of you, upsetting for some of you, and even quite shocking for others. Some of you may even become angry---angry at yourself for not knowing this Truth before. Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn has said, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad!"

Please hear me out. All I ask is that you listen to what I have to say and ponder it carefully. I bring you Truth. I am not here to convince anyone of anything. Truth needs no defense. Truth stands on its own merit. Truth is! Your God-Spirit within you will recognize Truth---and then you will know. Then you must decide what you will do with The Truth.

Our government is a part of the One World Order which presently totally controls every facet of our society. We have not been given Truth:

a) by our elected politicians about our "shadow" government and its OWO plans, and all our illegal Constitutional Amendments, executive orders and treaties.
b) by our controlled news media about what is really happening in our world and our nation.
c) by our scientists about harmful chemicals, harmful technology, disease and pathogen creation, nor new inventions and scientific advancement such as free energy.
d) by our bankers about our illegal Federal Reserve Banking System of credit money and our illegal Internal Revenue tax system.
e) by our judges and lawyers about our illegal laws and courts and admiralty(military) judicial system.
f) by our doctors about known cures for all cancers, AIDS, and all other diseases we presently have on planet Earth, and the Center for Disease Controlís second agenda.
g) by our dentists about our cancer-causing dental fillings, and fillings carrying computer chips with I.D. information and means to cause mind control.
h) by our entertainers about evil subliminal messages and mind-control through music, movies and all T.V. programming.
i) by our schools and colleges about our true history and the evil plans to destroy our morals, our minds, and our entire society.
j) and even by our churches about the lies in our "Holy Books", and of the hidden Laws of Balance and the Truth taught by Esu(Jesus) Immanuel.
We, the people on Planet Earth, are a "controlled" people. In all of history only this nation, the United States of America, was established as a Constitutional Republic based upon the Laws of God. This nation was never designed to be a "democracy". A democracy is an authoritarian government where the masses are controlled by a minority of the "few". This Republic was established as Abraham Lincoln has said, "as a government of the people, by the people, and for the people." The rest of the world is ruled by democracies and other authoritarian type governments---creating a totally controlled world populace.

This Constitutional Republic of the people of the United States of America became an immediate world threat to all authoritarian governments and, of course, came under immediate attack. Any people who set up a government to protect their inalienable rights, their God-given rights, to insure their freedoms, must be destroyed; and that is exactly what the elite world controllers set out to do.

In the two hundred plus years of our existence, this nation has been tricked into becoming the people of the "Lie." Our Constitution was subverted, and foreign agents took control of our government. Our gold was taken from us, and we were given worthless credit money. Our property has been taken from us, and we only rent it by paying taxes to our foreign government. The elite world controllers own everything in this nation---the land, the buildings, the businesses, the natural resources, and even our bodies. We, the people, are even being used as chattel, as collateral on our national debt.

We are a "drugged" people, deliberately done so by our government. Vast quantities of drugs, from heroin and cocaine to marijuana and hashish, have been brought into this country and sold on the streets by the military, the police, the CIA and other high ranking government agencies. This was deliberately done to "drug" America and to take the wealth away from the masses. It is interesting that alcohol is still the socially accepted "legal" drug of choice for over 80% of Americans today.

With a "drug problem" we now have a violence problem, and so now the government must take the guns away from the people to stop the violence, all in the name of control. No nation has ever remained "free" after losing its right to "keep and bear arms". Evil has a clever way of first creating a problem and then creating a solution to gain greater control. Ponder that!

We are a mind-controlled people. Our mass media is totally controlled by our government. We are told only what the government wants us to know. A nation becomes a mind-controlled slave-state when it loses its "free" press---and that is what we have become. T.V. programming is deliberately filled with violence, sex, drugs, immoral behavior, pornography, fear, greed, power-control, and ridicule of all that is good and wholesome. T.V. carries subliminal messages which are recorded in the subconscious mind as a means of mind-control. T.V. talk shows, "soaps", cartoons, sports, movies and religious shows all carry their special techniques of mind-control. Television news is a joke. Truth is found by reading the opposite of what is non-news.

And then there are the low frequency (LF) waves, the very low frequency (VLF) waves, and the extremely low frequency (ELF) waves carried into our homes via T.V., microwave, telephone and other means by the government to deliberately mind-control us, the masses. The waves are transmitted by the Woodpecker, HAARP, and GWEN systems, but you already know all about that. Right?

Even our schools and our churches are a form of mind-control. Through government controlled curriculum we are not challenged to think---to use our brains. We are lulled into being "sheeple" who go about our daily tread-mill tasks, totally asleep and unaware of what is happening to us. We are a "brain-dead" people. We are the people of The "Lie".

We have been lied to about our "space program". Do you believe in spaceships? Probably not! Do you believe in aliens? Probably not! Oh, you believe in the weird Hollywood "star-trek" characters as creations of science-fiction, and if aliens exist, they are strange-looking creatures of the dark-side. You probably believe that our government has a fantastic space program and leads the world in both space exploration and the control of space, and you may believe that our country is experimenting with some type of space craft.

Do I believe in spaceships? Yes! Have I seen them? Yes! When and where have I seen them? I look at them on every clear night that I can! Do I believe in aliens? Yes! Have I talked to them? Of course, many times! Am I telling you the Truth? Yes! Most definitely!

The aliens of which I speak are human---HU-man, meaning higher, universal man. They look like us! They talk like us, but they are of the 4th dimension where time and space do not exist.

Since the 1940's our government has known about good and bad aliens and their spaceships. The atomic bomb technology for World War II came from alien sources, as did computer technology of the '50's, the space technology of the '60's, and the laser and scalar particle-beam weapons of the '70's and '80's. Our government has made contracts with aliens from outer-space and has broken all of them. You were never told the Truth because our government had evil intent. What better way for the One World Order to control the masses than to use "alien" technology against them? And, of course, the masses could never be told that there were "good aliens" who had come to help them!

Am I telling you the Truth? Yes! You see, Truth has nothing to hide! The problem is whether or not you recognize it as being Truth---whether or not you believe it! How does one really know Truth? You know it through your God-Spirit within you. Your God-Spirit identifies Truth and assures you that what you are experiencing is true. Your God-Spirit will assure you that I speak Truth.

I remind you that I am not here to convince you of anything. I only bring Truth. You must decide for yourself, and once having found Truth, you again must choose your response and act accordingly. You, alone, will hold yourself accountable before God for your choices and your actions.

* * * * * * * * * *

Let us now start at the beginning of time. We begin with a planet, Earth, and with people on it. Satan, as the "angel of light", has been cast out of heaven because he made evil-ego choices. His goal now is to destroy all that is good, to destroy Truth, and to spread darkness everywhere.

How would Satan begin his evil work? If you were Satan, and if you had his evil goal of destroying all that was good, where would you start? Right! You would begin by telling lies to every person who would listen on the whole planet. To build his Kingdom of Darkness, Satan distorted the Truth in every way possible---in government, in education, in science, in religion--in all of society.

Every human has the ability to determine what is true and what is false. When God created humans, He gave each one a "fragment" of His Spirit. We call this "fragment" our God-Spirit or our Soul. Our God-Spirit gives each of us the ability through our conscience to discern good from evil. Therefore, we have the ability within to determine Truth from lie.

God, also, gave every human He created a free-will with which to choose between good and evil. In other words, we have the ability to know whether we are being lied to or not. Without a free-will we would be nothing more than robots acting like puppets on a string. We are not robots but can freely choose to follow good or evil. Throughout time we have freely chosen to follow Satan's lie so much that we have forgotten we are spiritual beings with a Soul, with a conscience, and with a free-will. We have simply chosen to blindly follow Satan's lie and his angels of darkness rather than God's Truth and His Angels of Light!

As people become controlled by evil, their thoughts and actions become evil, and they pass the "Lie" on to their children. Satan's evil leaders and controllers influence and train those who follow them to lead and control the masses, and so the "Lie" is passed on from generation to generation. Satan has so twisted the Truth in all of human living that humans now work for Satan's purposes and his goals. They believe that he is right, and they even worship him as the "angel of light", the "angel of knowledge". This is evidenced by such Satanic organizations as The Masonic Order, The Illuminati, The Khazarian Jewish Zionist Mishpucka (Jewish Mafia) One World Order Controllers, The Roman Catholic Church, The Mormon Church, and all the other "Christian" cult churches. We have, indeed, become the people of the "Lie"!

We worship all of Satan's symbols such as the pyramid, the cross, and the star because we have become totally blind to the Truth. We honor and defend his war-book, the "Bible"---in which Truth was intentionally and totally twisted to keep the "Lie" going so no one would question or become enlightened. To do so would uncover Satan's fantastic plans for the destruction of Planet Earth and all of humanity upon it!

You see, Satan and his angels have effectively stood between you and your God-Spirit within to block your power-source, the Light of Truth. This has left you powerless and at his mercy, but the Light of Truth has come again to you in our time.

I speak of the aliens who have come and are here now. I speak of our HU-man Pleiadean brothers and sisters who are presently orbiting our Planet Earth. They have come because of the prayers of the "remnant" who have not been tricked by Satan's lies. They have come because God has sent them. They have come to help us find Truth and uncover the "Lie". They bring Truth again, the same Truth that Esu Jesus Immanuel brought 2000 years ago. That is why you were never told, that you could not be told by your government, that "aliens" from outer-space were here to help you.

Humans from other planets have visited Planet Earth for centuries. Our celestial HU-man space brothers and sisters from Pleiades came in 1954 to stabilize the Earth's poles. Due to negative energy our Earth was tilting some thirteen degrees off orbit. Their spaceships took up a very high orbit around the equator to correct this. Some of their ships were placed at our North and South poles because the Earth had already begun its shifting. A cross-belting of energy support and stabilizing beams were set up and the ships at the equator remained there until 1988 by order of the Intergalactic Council.

It was during this period of time, (1954) that the Galactic Fleet contacted President Eisenhower and the U.S. government and offered assistance. The U.S. government was informed that nuclear weapons must be banned. Nuclear disarmament was not acceptable to the U.S. Government so the Pleiadean offer of assistance was rejected.

The CIA had already been created by Presidential Executive Order as the Central Intelligence Group for the express purpose of dealing with the alien presence. In November of 1952, by secret Executive Order, President Truman had created the super-secret National Security Agency. Its primary purpose was (and still is) to decipher alien communications and language and establish a dialogue with the aliens, and to cover-up all U.F.O. information. The U.S. government's goal has never been one of good intent. World controllers refused to trash their plans of total global control by year 2000! To maintain this goal they had to portray the image to Earth's masses that the Pleiadean aliens were evil and were to be feared. Secretly, billions of dollars were being spent to build radio telescopes to intercept alien communications and to build high-tech weapons to destroy the aliens, if at all possible.

The Pleiadeans made a contract with our government in 1987 to allow the Pleiadeans to tell us about our planet's condition and the evil plans of Satan's World Controllers to destroy us. The Pleiadeans agreed not to reveal their presence to Earth people. Our United States government broke that contract in 1989 when they attempted to destroy some of the Pleiadean space craft. The Pleiadeans are now free to present Truth to the masses any way possible. Their

main avenue has been through the Contact newspaper and the Phoenix Journals. Contact began its first publication in March of 1993 as a weekly paper and continued to March of 1999.

At that point a new source of Truth was created by the former Contact staff---The Spectrum newspaper.

The Phoenix Journals consist of 115 plus bound volumes of approximately 200 pages each. This material is Truth and is revealing the Satanic "Lie" perpetrated upon the Earth's people by our religions and our governments. Through these journals we are being told how to correctly deal with our problems, and how we are to prepare to leave this planet.

This information is coming from our Pleiadean brothers and sisters who are orbiting our Earth in spaceships. Their spokesperson is Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander-in-Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector 7251-3 Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet--Ashtar Command, Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council and Intergalactic Federation Council on Earth Transition. He commands more than a million starships, and he is now sending communication to Planet Earth.

You are probably asking, "How does Commander Hatonn communicate to Earth, and who is helping him? He sent coded radio signals to a receiver Doris Ekker (Hatonn called her Dharma) who lived at that time with her husband, Eddie Jo (E.J.) Ekker in Tehachapi, California. Doris Ekker would type the information into her computer. This information was then published in both the Contact newspaper and the Phoenix Journals.

The U.S. government tried unsuccessfully since 1989 to stop Hatonn's radio coded transmissions to Dharma. After two years of publishing, due to government harassment, Hatonn's ground crew abandoned their first newspaper, The Phoenix Liberator, in March of 1993. That same month they began publishing the Contact newspaper. Through court action the U;.S. government was able to ban ten of the Phoenix Journals from further printing and distribution and caused all known copies to be destroyed. These are now available on the internet for all those seeking Truth.

Contact published Truth, and revealed to the people all the evil plans to destroy us. Our government and the Khazarian Zionist Jewish Mishpucka One World Order Controllers are very concerned about this information being leaked to the public, but they, too, need this information in order to change the "tricks" they have planned. God has promised that Truth will be given to Earth's people one more time before the end of this civilization, and Satan's forces cannot stop it.

To receive Hatonn's information as quickly as possible, our government has covertly arranged for personnel at Edward's Air Force Base to electronically receive Hatonn's transmissions from Dharma's computer, before it goes to press. Contact newspaper is then re-printed for the government at the Air Base en mass and sent to all top U.S. government personnel and to the governments of other countries.

Now, we come to the question, "What is Hatonn's "message" that is so important? Some of this message you already know. We are being told that Earth people are "people of the Lie!" Satan has tricked us in every way possible, and we do not know Truth! This Truth God Atonís Hosts revealed to us through the Phoenix Journals, known as the "Holy Books of the Lighted Realms", the Contact newspaper and now The Spectrum newspaper. The second part of Hatonn's message to the people on Planet Earth is how we are to save ourselves and escape, both the evil destruction planned for us by Satan's world controllers and that of coming cataclysmic Earth changes. The process to save ourselves is really quite simple.

After nurturing more than 20,000 civilizations our Earth has earned the cosmic right to be cleansed of all evil and to move into 4th dimension. This cleansing is being done by Earth changes and will totally change the surface of our planet. During this process Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda will defeat His evil brother, Satan, and cast him and all of his evil troops from the Earth. Every God-created third dimensional "souled" human must also leave Planet Earth. With your free-will you must choose where you will go. You must begin with the pure desire to know Truth. To learn Truth I suggest you begin by reading the six Phoenix Journals listed at the end of this writing.

Open your mind and let your God-Spirit within tell you whether or not what you are hearing and reading is Truth. You must realize that you, too, have a limited perception of Truth, and that God alone knows your pathway. Ask for His loving Light of protection, guidance, power, wisdom, knowledge, Truth, integrity and courage in order to best serve His Will and not your will.

Few people understand prayer. Prayer is asking for God's help. The simplest prayer is to say, "God help!" Many people do not receive answers to their prayers because they do not listen for God's answer. To listen is to meditate. You must go into a quiet corner, pray and then meditate or listen for God to talk to you. Your sincere request always compels an answer. Remember, you have God's Spirit within you, and you must let that Spirit speak to you. Your thoughts and God's thoughts become one, and you will "know" through your intuition, that which is Truth.

By now you are probably asking, "How do I get off Planet Earth, and when will this happen? Esu (Jesus) Immanuel told his disciples that he would come back in 2000 years to take his faithful disciples to "Heaven". The Christian Cults have taught that a "rapture" would occur in which the "faithful" would be swept up into the clouds to meet "Jesus" in the air. Strangely, the "Bible" never uses the word, "rapture". The OWO have their own rapture plan. Project Blue Beam has been designed by the OWO to use hologram projection and electronic mind-manipulation. They plan to cause a "fake" rapture in which the masses see "Jesus" coming in the clouds, and in their minds, via computer projection, people "hear" God's voice speaking to them in their own language. Like "sheeple", they will board government space craft and be flown to never-ever land as a trick to dispose of them.

Satan, too, knows Truth! That is why Project Blue Beam was created. Satan knows that Esu (Jesus) Immanuel is returning with spaceships to pick up his "remnant" and very soon. Those who think that Esu will return and sweep them up and sit them on the edge of a pink cloud somewhere are in for a big shock---or fall!

For you who are unaware, the "Bible" in many places makes reference to spaceships. The God we know and the world we live in are very orderly and scientific. Spaceships have been known from the beginning of recorded time. Some of the references to spaceships in the "Bible" and described with primitive understanding are: Exodus 13:21, 24:18; Ezekiel 1:16; Matt. 2:9; Luke 21:27 and Acts 1:9.

Today, many people insist that Esu Jesus Immanuel is coming back soon. Wrong! He is already here! He has returned after 2000 years of study, as he said he would, and has earned a new name, as the "Bible" said. His name is Sananda, meaning "all power of the Central Sun (Son)" or one with God Aton of Light. Sananda returned to Earth in 1954 and is presently aboard Commander Hatonn's starship, the Phoenix, orbiting Earth with his celestial brothers and sisters. Sananda is waiting for the command from God/Aton to lift off those who are enlightened and are walking the Lighted pathway of Truth to take them to Pleiades or other higher dimension planets.

You ask, "What proof do I have? Go outside on a clear night and look at the stars. Those stars that you see "twinkling" and flashing white, and red, and blue colors are not airplanes or satellites as our government would have you believe. Those are starships from Pleiades. Our space brothers and sisters are here to help us. Commander Hatonn's starship, the Phoenix, the largest and brightest one of all, can be seen in the evening or in the morning. Go! Check it out; but do not be so long in your deciding to do so that you miss lift-off!

So, what is really important in what I have said?

1) We are all people of the "Lie!"
2) Our satanic leaders have deliberately covered up the facts of Spaceships and the presence of good aliens.
3) Satanic world controllers have deliberately twisted Truth in history and in our "Holy Bibles" to deceive us.
4) Spaceships are real, and human aliens are real!
5) The Hosts of Heaven, the Pleiadeans, are here. They have been Sent by God Aton of Light to bring us Truth, one last time.
6) The Pleiadeans are HU-mans---higher universal man in 4th and higher dimensions. They are God's Angels of Light.
7) We are the aliens-- we, of Planet Earth---not them! History shows that we are the evil aliens of the Cosmos! Our once bright planet is now a smudge-pot of darkness.
8) Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda has already returned to Planet Earth, as he said He would---in 1954.
9) Sananda is aboard Commander Hatonn's starship now orbiting Planet Earth.
10) Sananda is waiting for orders from God to lift-off God's "enlightened" remnant from Planet Earth and escort them home.
11) No one but God knows the time, but Lift-Off One will happen soon!
So, how do you get aboard?

1) God saves no one! You must save yourself!
2) You must know Truth--the Laws of God and of Creation, the Laws of Balance.
3) You must forgive yourself for what you have done wrong. You must forgive others for what they have done wrong against you, and you must ask them to forgive you. You must ask your God-Spirit within to also forgive you.
4) You must learn to live the Laws of Balance, and create balance and harmony widont_use_thisf.
When the starships come from the Lighted Realms of Heaven, you will see them and you will "know." You simply step into the Light Beam without fear, and you will be "beamed" aboard!

My friends, whether you believe in spaceships and aliens or not will, most definitely, determine your future. Sananda and Commander Hatonn are, most certainly, coming with many starships to pick up God Atonís enlightened people from Planet Earth. They are coming soon! Will you be on board?

Pray to your God-Spirit within for discernment of Truth and for victory over the negative forces of evil within you and without. Ask God to fill you with His Light and Love, and to surround you and your family and home with his great White Light of protection. May you always search for Truth!

What more can I say to you? With God there is no middle ground. You are either of Truth or of the "Lie!"---of good or of evil. You have been given God's Spirit to discern Truth and a free-will with which to decide which pathway you will follow. Yes, there are those who scoff and cry, heresy! If you do not believe that what I say is true, you had better prove very quickly that I am wrong. You do not have much time to be guessing. Just remember that---God Aton of Light always wins!

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United States
12/16/2005 07:54 PM
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ah yes, of course.
If life is but a dream, wake me up.
Host of Heaven (#139)

User ID: 633
United States
12/16/2005 08:09 PM
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Jeezus OP! Couldn't have spaced this out between 2 posts, now, could ya? (^_-)

Right now I've only read down to the ***** but...

So far, this stuff just reaffirms what I already believe. What most Americans consider honest and upright is a great big lie used to profit the elite few! But the Truth IS coming out!

I'll read a bit more later...
"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be."
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 5388
United States
12/16/2005 08:12 PM
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thanks op.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 54261
United States
12/17/2005 06:58 AM
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Much appreciated. I have been reading the Phoenix Journals since last March. First I was sceptical, but decided I could not make a fair discernment without reading them. They ring of truth. I have gained an invaluable education by reading them.

Download them, people, while you still can.
User ID: 54259
United States
12/17/2005 07:17 AM
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"---God Aton of Light always wins!"

Yea hate to have to admit it.
and Yes it sucks to AllWays be RIGHT.

The truth Stands ForEver and is Absolute.
The Lone Ranger

User ID: 54231
New Zealand
12/17/2005 07:45 AM
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Hmmmm still pondering over your posting there OP. Pretty darn good read actually. Some of it rings quite true with the reality of info/ideas I agree with. Other stuff I will ponder on at this stage. That's as much as I can say at the moment. Good posting though.
Life Is But A Dream!!
Therefore, "'Tis better to have dreamed and lost than never to have dreamed at all."

_The Operator_

User ID: 52048
12/17/2005 08:13 AM
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_The Operator_

User ID: 52048
12/17/2005 08:23 AM
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Is call "tightening the noose".

It is calling the YES SET. you'll find that the first three statements are the yes set, the next three are truisms and the last is the suggestion.
[link to www.dicksutphen.com]

BattleMind [link to www.dicksutphen.com]
User ID: 54259
United States
12/17/2005 08:33 AM
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Only Hope they are Prepared to deal with The ONE. Our Kind (The One True God and his Chosen) Do NOT Need Ships.

We Ride Planets/Life Stations and are Able to travel at the Speed of Thought.

Kinda like in the Movie's "Dune" and "Fifth Element".

And of course "Contact". It has Arived.

We Build Solar Systems, Galaxies and Universes within the OmniVerse.

The Great White Brotherhood of Light Keyed in on a Beacon that was activated July 1997 and they Came to this Relative Here Now to do Service for the Most High.

They can Only Interact with the One after the completion of the Quickening/Emansipation/Ilumination Process at which time the One will Glow like a Light Bulb (Be Turned On 100% Functional Brain one with GOD) or as it is Known in the cabala as Daath the 11th Serophath Fully EmPowered. (By the way might I add Alister tried and Went Mad so sad, He/You/Aneyone/NoOne has the Correct Wiring for the Task Except the ONE(Genetic Pre-Dis-position by their Standards, Wired Right by Ours). Sorry but True

Here's a Clue:

Rev. The 4 Horsemen, what of the one who siteth upon the White Horse and is given a Crown and a Bow, what of this bow can you tell me?

I herd a pasture say But He Has No Arrows, Well what if I Said his Bow Fires Lightning, You must admit it would be very hard to keep lightning in a Quiver dontya think. He Does NOT need any Arrows he Makes them AS Needed for the Moment that they are Needed. Enough Said. Sad but True.

Nick name: Jimbo(W)

Think About IT.

Later a little about the blood line thingei Ė ie (pun intended) well It Just wasnít Required Brother of Heaven Jesus Our Lord and Redeemer having Bought us with His Own Blood.

The Gene Manipulation how to (as in how to build life, Creationism is a well Guarded Secret only Known to/by the Masters of the Absolutes. Alien nor human kind will figure that out before Destruction without the ONE.(Omni-Node-Engineer"Living Light Bulb"?)


PS: Here's the Kiker How do ya tell your Mom.
_The Operator_

User ID: 52048
12/17/2005 08:47 AM
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"The Great White Brotherhood of Light Keyed in on a Beacon that was activated July 1997 and they Came to this Relative Here Now to do Service for the Most High."

And these same jag-offs GWB are trying to pawn Matreiya as the returned Christ, Krishna, the whole smash. Sucks.