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Message Subject STAR OF DAVID (Mark of beast 666) ,BABYLON ,3rd Temple of Solomon ,JESUS DENIERS ,ANTICHRIST ,FREEMASON ,ZIONIST ,LUCIFER
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Listen to this carefully

-in the bible the star of david is only described as being a six pointed star NOT that double triangle hexagram

-the current symbol on the israel flag IS THE SEAL OF SOLOMON which is used by the OTO(look up alestier crowley) as being one of their more sacred symbols. this is because to summon a demon to this plane you have to put that symbol in a circle

-but wasnt Solomon a christian/jewish/follower of god? not all the time he fell away and consulted mystics (mentioned in the old testament)

-the israel flag was set up by the zionist/illuminated crew who ARE NOT jewish people they are from the tribe of Dan who orignially come from north of Israel and are historically enemies of the true jewish people hence the modern day flag is a symbol of their takeover and a two fingers so to speak to enforce their satanic beliefs.

hope thats clear for you!
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