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Japans terror is waking up

User ID: 15910939
United States
07/05/2012 08:51 PM
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Japans terror is waking up
This all happened after Japan have lost World War II. America left them nothing to let them live. People relied on farmers for food...If the farmers say no to give food they would just starve to death but if they say yes then they lived one day more then they were supposed to. America, thought to be the country of peace and freedom is just doing what they want to do. They do things that comes to their favor... Now there is a law in Japan which makes kids have power over their parents. Enough power to put them into jail. Who would make such a law? Who would give an ignorant kid enough power? Why? Then I realized that only people who wants to destroy Japan would create the law. But why want to destroy Japan? What do they have that WE(America) fear? Perhaps their economic growth? Perhaps their heart of winning? Or their pride of their country? A heart that WE Americans don't have? Or perhaps all of the above. America, no people who is in higher power of japan president is controlling Japan. Currently there is a law that is about to be made that states "Anyone who lives in Japan for five years shall gain the same rights as Japanese people. Whether that person is an illegal immigrant, or is in jail, so basically anything that lets them stay in Japan will make them gain the same rights as the Japanese citizen. That is just messed up. Even in here, America there is a difference between Green card and a citizen of this country... Why are they making such a law to bring foreigners to Japan? Why want to decrease the number of 100% Japanese? Why? Perhaps Japanese people is different from any race in the world. Perhaps they have a personalty that WE fear.
There was time when Japan was making war jets and weapons for wars but after World War II it was cancelled. Why did it stop? The ultimate weapon for Japanese was the war planes and they stopped making it. Who would want to stop the production of making their ultimate weapon? Only people who fear them, who fear that they may be in the top again. Then again America fear them so they forced Japan to be quiet and now Russia, south Korea, and many other countries are taking Japan's territory forcing people out even killing the people who lived there. Japan is changing then during the time before World War II.
In just twenty years or so Japan's economy boomed so fast that America was surprised. Soon they realized that they can use them. The Japanese was the first ones to invent an stealth(plane that cannot be detected by radar) plane later got forced from America to teach US how to make those plane. And America forced them so that they can't make their own planes anymore.(America can do w/e they want like throw a atomic bomb or anything to any country that doesnt listen to them, they dont fear using it). Soon America realized that they must make Japan as their servant and not destroy their country. They are much useful to have. Now the anime that are being created are significantly different from the anime that was created before. Now there is plenty of h@nt@i in the TV in Japan unlike America where its banned to show h@nt@i in TV's of childrens show. Even advertising about beer in Japan is legal and America its not. As many of you know, anime is one of the most popular things that many people see today. So its like one of the best tools to make the world believe wat they want to believe(weakening their heart). Soon Japan would be done. Soon and we Shall wait for Japan people to realize it. Wait for the next leader to come out.
I do believe there will be people who just want to troll and make fun about reality, but it is something that would affect you in the future. If America didn't make Japan do such a thing perhaps the technology today would be 10x better. I may have said America is like a bad country, well what I ment is the people who is allies with America. Some of you may disagree with me about this and rage and put rage comments. But I do know what I am writing. I do know it from my research.
Mortal Epiphany

User ID: 9093624
United States
07/05/2012 08:54 PM
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Re: Japans terror is waking up
China called...