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Message Subject Pair caught killing pets>>>they worked with Peta!!!!
Poster Handle Blue Dolphin nli
Post Content
Fucked up bastards they are...
what the hell was their rationale for doing this...?
When my 2 male cats needed to be nuetered I took them to the Peta clinic since I lived nearby and figured that I could count on them to treat my babies with sensitivity...

Some sensitivity, when I went back to pick them up, they had them in cages right side by side with barking dogs...
just the place that a cat who's feeling vulnerable after being wounded wants to wake up and find himself near...
I mean, they are so "tuned in" to animals that they couldn't figure that out and at the very least, keep the cats in a SEPERATE room...?
They didn't give a fuck!
Then when my neighbor had her male cat nuetered, they did such a crude job the poor thing got a really bad infection from it..
What bastards they are... skulburn
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