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A Cave Fable

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12/17/2005 02:01 AM
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A Cave Fable
A Cave Fable

Copyright © 2005, Wm. Michael Mott

When one examines the possibility of mostly-unseen co-inhabitants of our planet, it is often met with skeptical scoffing, coupled with a complete disregard for the evidence which is in plain sight. The evidence is multitudinous in example.

Is there evidence for a subterranean or subterrestrial influence on human history, world events, and the fates of nations and human beings? Of course. One case in particular has had tremendous impact on human history, and probably on the eventual fate of our species in terms of whether or not we even survive, or destroy ourselves in a never-ending conflict.

Once upon a time there was a primitive desert tribesman of a bandit tribe, living in a very inhospitable part of the world. This young man was ostracized to some degree by his own people, who were an animistic, multiple-god-worshipping lot, warring continually among themselves for plunder and tribute.

One night this young man had a seemingly "mystical" experience. Alone in a cave, seeking shelter and sleep, he was awakened by a "luminous being" who began to proclaim to him pronouncements of a grandiose and disturbing nature--so disturbing, in fact, that at first the young tribesman believed that the being was "Shaitan" or an ifrit (a form of underworld djinni). This being spoke in terms of conquest and judgement, the end of the world, and the wrath of the god of the young man's tribe, who was in fact at that time but one among many pagan deities in the region, the god of the moon. His symbol was the upturned crescent moon, making "him" a variant of the Horned God (and this symbol is still in use to this day). The entity declared that it was the messenger of this god, and called for the utter destruction and abolition of all other gods, deities, and belief-systems -- including the 364 other pagan deities which were worshipped by the tribesman's race at that time.

As a result of his encounter with the anomalous entity, the young man at first believed that he had been contacted by a demon of the underworld, out of the depths of the cave and the earth--but his ambitious wife and relatives soon changed his mind, telling him that he had been "chosen." As a result of this, the young man embarked on a brutal and murderous military campaign of savage butchery, theft, rape, and other atrocities, with bandits and outlaws as his initial army recruits. Over the course of time his own cruel personality traits were inserted into the supposed revelations he had received in the cave, and his proclivities for beheading, lack of mercy and tolerance, rapine, pillaging and theft, slave-taking, and pedophilia were not only accepted by his subjects, but were glorified within the tenets of the new "religion."

Now, over the centuries since this encounter with an unknown humanoid being in a cave, the world has seen millions of innocent Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Hindus, and others invaded, enslaved, raped, robbed, forced into conversion at the point of a sword, villified, degraded, and downtrodden by the adherents of the CULT which was founded by a non-human entity and its ambitious, credulous follower and high-priest. Millions of Christians and Jews, having lived peacefully together in ALL Middle Eastern countries for centuries, were invaded by waves of murderous fanatics from the desert, their cultures destroyed, obliterated, and looted. This plague spread to Asia, and at one time even well into Europe, to hammer on the walls of Vienna.

Today this Cult of the Underworld, filled with inconsistencies, self-delusion, circular reasoning, self-contradictions, and hatred for all people of different belief systems, is still with us--and all because of a naive and impressionable barbarian tribesman's encounter with a deceptive and manipulative non-human being, in the depths of a cave.

End of Fable? Probably not.

(In the interest of not offending the "politically-correct" crowd, the reader will note that no person or belief system is mentioned here by name as the subject of this fable--but if, as all good fables do, it strikes a chord with its similarities to verified, accurate, real-world historical events, that is simply a charming coincidence, and it is a fable well-conceived.)


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User ID: 632
United States
12/17/2005 11:38 AM
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Re: A Cave Fable