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Message Subject Try The Emotion Code here - release trapped emotions so the body can heal itself.
Poster Handle calin
Post Content
Hi MsZ
Are you going to do remote sessions here like I have done on my thread?
 Quoting: calin

I Calin,

I am going thru the certification now and I actually do need clients to work on to complete certification.

Pets too!

I was pondering if I should do it all on this forum,
or ask for volunteers and have them send me their info to an email address just for TE (trapped emotions) removal..

Some folks may not want their personal stuff on an open forum.

What do you think?

 Quoting: msz

Oh wow - certification! Cool!

Don't tell them I did it just fine on my thread! I am not certified.... ;)

I got amazing results remotely for timing of issues and even some would go through crying and release emotions. I know it can be done remotely.

The few I did on the thread didn't mind talking about it - they mostly used an AC number. Most of them used a refrigerator magnet also.

I did trapped emotions and was amazed at the inherited ones. Eerie kind of when you hit things on the nail regarding family members as well as the emotions with the time frame.

Do you have lots of practice in with self testing?
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