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Message Subject Try The Emotion Code here - release trapped emotions so the body can heal itself.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
you can certainly release your negative emotions
your pain, fear, hate, anger, etc.

however, all emotions are energy
as such merely releasing them is not healing them
healing them means acknowledging them, allowing yourself to really feel them (without any denial of what you feel, they need to be validated) and by doing that it helps heal them. it's not instant, there is no quick fix. healing takes time.

merely releasing the emotions you want to get rid of creates more denials that need to be healed. they may not be attached to you anymore but they will certainly be attached to someone else. and will provide you a reflection until you do reclaim them and heal them. that anger you release into the world will likely find its way back home to you even if it attaches itself to the homeless guy down the street who attacks you one day as you're walking by.

healing is important. do not take it lightly. there is no quick way around it. there are plenty of quick ways to feel better immediately but realize that what you put out into the world doesn't just disappear because you don't want it anymore. all emotions are important. healing them all is hard work. but, if we all could do it then we'd have no more "negative" reflections staring back at us, destroying the world, etc.

i'm not trying to knock what op put out here. i do see value in working through some of your blockages, some of which are put there by other people in your life and aren't even yours to begin with, release them, but before you let something go make sure it isn't your own essence because all YOUR emotions are attached to YOUR essence. don't fragment yourself further, tptw have done a fantastic job of doing that enough already, pull your fragments back and heal them instead. this is why, imo, "The Secret" was such a popular hit, why Oprah pushed it, because it does work to an extent, it does make your life temporarily better if practiced, but it comes at the expense of further fragmenting your essence and creating more denials and chaos in the world.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21195063

I agree, healing does take time.

The Emotion Code accesses the subconscious which knows which emotions to release first.

When the body has released a few emotions, it then needs to process.

So essentially The Emotion Code is identifying the emotions that are trapped, letting the body bring them to the surface and release them. With the resonance of the negative energy removed, the body can heal itself.

After a few days, or even a week, the body is ready to remove more trapped emotions...
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