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Message Subject Try The Emotion Code here - release trapped emotions so the body can heal itself.
Poster Handle msz
Post Content
For you that want to volunteer, and have volunteer - I thank you!

here is the disclaimer:
Remember that a few days of processing will follow the release of trapped emotions and other energies. It is possible that you may have some symptoms of this, such as emotional ups and downs, vivid dreams, trouble sleeping or a bit of fatigue. If you do notice anything like this, don't worry, it's just part of the healing process and shouldn't last for more than a day or two

Most people I have worked with so far have not really noticed anything drastic, just a feeling of being "lighter" and not getting upset over silly things as easily.

If you would like to volunteer,
I need
a name,
an age, and
if you have a specific issue you have been dealing with, let me know what it is. I am just testing to see if there is a trapped emotion contributing to the issue, asking if the body will release the emotion. I am not doing any healing, the body will be.
Or I can just test to see if there are any trapped emotion in general that the body wants to release.

and if you dont want it posted on this forum, send me a pm here on GLP and I'll respond the same way...

here is an example - one of my sessions back in Feb:
lack of control - age 33
worry - age 50
overjoy - age 35
nervousness - age 40
rejection - age 51
stubbornness - age 46

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