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Message Subject Try The Emotion Code here - release trapped emotions so the body can heal itself.
Poster Handle calin
Post Content
Hi Calin,
Of the people I have worked on more than once, they all had inherited trapped emotions that needed to be removed. Whats really interesting that I just found out in the webinars - at the time the inherited trapped emotions are removed, the ancestor who first experienced the emotion shows up. They are usually very grateful that this emotion is finally being removed, sometimes after 100s of years!

I have been doing this from a distance on people off and on for a few years. Its only recently that I was prompted to get certified. I am learning so much going thru the elearning center.
 Quoting: msz

Hi msz.

Oh... well then... on and off for years.... EXCELLENT! thumbs

I became aware of TEC from hearing him on C2C in early 2011 I think. Paid for the Library and got the magnet ($11 one).

I then found PSYCH K and tried that out on some here and in person a couple of times.

Both techniques have been documented on my thread and on the QE one some time ago. Seems a modified remote session can actually be effective for pinpointing the "issues"

Do you use the rolling bigger magnet that he uses?

I got a couple that had stuck emotions in mother's pregnancy. They usually were from the mother's trying to abort or had abuse during that time.

I find working on myself for these two techniques aren't as effective as when I work on others. Do you have that experience?
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