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Message Subject Try The Emotion Code here - release trapped emotions so the body can heal itself.
Poster Handle calin
Post Content
Nice work msz.... I am smiling....
 Quoting: calin


I find that I have to drink a TON of water when I do this.
And make sure my ego is less than 5%.

Its interesting stuff to say the least!
 Quoting: msz

yes! Hydration is important!

hmmm... never checked for percentage of ego. I guess when I do this kind of work I try to keep the mind clear and stay in pure awareness state. That should keep the ego down I would say.

I have to admit... you know your stuff on TEC. I didn't read through the whole book... my bad. I do so many different techniques I just get the essentials on some of the ones I don't regularly use.

I like how quickly you can process the people. I waited for responses and then checked for clearing. I would list the emotions and the time frame and then would get a response back before they would clear the emotion by running a magnet. Then check for clear and recheck for the next emotion. Your method is quicker and you add the protection and check for immune system. Nice! You don't even have them run a magnet on themselves. Maybe things have changed or the remote is a different process.

No matter... you are quite impressive! I enjoy watching this.

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