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Message Subject Try The Emotion Code here - release trapped emotions so the body can heal itself.
Poster Handle calin
Post Content
I read a book where people were cured of an chronic pain say, spontaneously when a mass was said for an ancestor.

I suspect that a religious context is not so good for this thread but it is interesting that someone found this to work .

I read ages ago that there is a spiritual context to physical distress. Spirit to mind to body. So an upset higher in that chain can cause physical pain.No one likes to release emotional pain and it can easily be stored in the body,and then cause disease.

It is the sins of the father to the third nay the fourth generation.We know this but often ignore our ancestors and their difficulties even if we know who they are.

I am sure remote healing can take place but it is always wise only to do this with the person's agreement.

Though,hopefully, if it happens when someone else has said a prayer or a mass say that is really a side effect .God moving rather than man doing.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10279549

Perhaps the ancestor was the reincarnated person with the pain?
 Quoting: Margaret Smith

I feel I know the answer to this, but I would like to hear yours... why should we get permission first for remote healing?
 Quoting: calin

its unethical

now technically you can ask the High Self for permission. But in all the energy work classes I have ever taken - they say you must have permission, unless you are the parent of a minor...

and it possibly adds to karma. I am trying to give back, clear karma, - not make it worse hf
 Quoting: msz

Hey msz!

I was asking the AC who made the statement. I see he/she has not come back yet. The question wasn't necessarily directed for you. You already stated why earlier which I saw. ;)

According to the EC, it is for privacy - not invading one's privacy.

However, if one's conscious thoughts are only 10% of the mind / body and the other is about 90% in the subconscious, then technically one could check with the subconscious of the person. A person may say yes they want the EC done with them, but really subconsciously not want it.

I find that running energy on a person that removes or deletes or changes the energy signatures of the mind/body is the factor. One should have the buy in for such work.

With the QE work I do, there is no running of energy. I do nothing to actually heal. It is the person that does the healing .... I only facilitate. And, with QE I can do no harm. QE is done often without the person's awareness.

With running energy or changing the person's energy field or emotions (in this case), permission from the subconscious and or consciousness is preferable as the person will experience changes they may need to understand and should expect and except.

People naturally have intuitive senses which is not unlike muscle testing or similar methods. We are all connected to the same energy field (morphic field) and therefore have automatic awareness of things just by our "attention" to it. Some more so than others.

So, with the Emotion code, getting permission is good so as not to "invade" their privacy and give them an awareness of why they are feeling and experiencing what they have been. They may experience energy shifts and is normal.
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