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Message Subject Try The Emotion Code here - release trapped emotions so the body can heal itself.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Good morning, MSZ. I hope you are enjoying a good day.

I tried to do a little work on myself, but pre-conceived notions on my part make it difficult to know if I'm really on target.

I was wondering if you might feel that I am ready for further emotion work.

Thanks for all your efforts to help others. I need to move past all the past BS so that I can do what I can, too, to comfort others. I know I need help with frustration and anger issues. I'm not violent, but I find that I can burst into a rant fairly easily. I'd like to see that end and find some sense of serenity and peace.

God bless you.

Michael, 56, W.Va.
 Quoting: Capt. Mike 24543661

You are still processing. Check back on Monday.

I find it very difficult to work on people I am close to and have known for a while. The ego jumps in and wants to analyze the situation. I have to check to be sure my ego is less than 5% or I wont get accurate answers.

Its nice when things dont bother me the way they used to.
You'll get there, it just takes time.
 Quoting: msz

Thank you, msz.
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