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Message Subject Try The Emotion Code here - release trapped emotions so the body can heal itself.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I brought this thread up days ago and just left it sitting on my screen while I looked at other things. Every time I went to close tabs I skipped it but I hadn't looked at it. I don't know much about this type of thing or if illness can progress to far to be healed from within but I would like to try. I realise you have been doing this for days and for many so I understand if you have stopped for now.
Sharon 37
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24498534

maybe you were meant to find this thread...

The following were found and released from you:

Resonance heartache age 28
Psychic trauma resentment / shock age 27
indecisiveness age 22
Psychic trauma lack of control / unworthy age 29
frustration age 34
love unreceived age 33
Resonance indecisiveness age 35
Resonance worthless age 30
rejection age 22

The ages may be off a year or two.

-------- A Resonance is not the same as a trapped emotion. If you were to strike a bell with a hammer, it would "ring" for a while. If you came back some time later, you might not hear the bell ringing anymore. But if you put a more precises instrument up to the bell, you might detect that it was still resonating from the blow you gave it. This is similar to how a resonance operates in the body.

-------A Psychic Trauma occurs when 2 emotions are felt simultaneously and become trapped in one ball of energy.

This is all your body wanted to release at this time, it needs to process.
"Doing The Emotion Code is like doing surgery on the energy body. We are literally looking for "malignant" or harmful energies that need to be removed, then we remove them, and the energy body has to heal and reorganize or regain it's balance. If you were to do actual surgery to have a tumor removed, you would expect to have at least a few days of downtime afterward. Your surgeon would also likely tell you what to expect during this healing time, and he or she would also advise you to get extra rest in order to allow the body to heal. The advice after a session with The Emotion Code is just about the same! Be aware that if you feel out of sorts, have changes in your sleeping pattern, vivid dreams or emotional ups and downs, this is totally normal! Drink lots of water, eat healthy and get lots of rest, and let your energy body heal itself. You may not notice anything weird or negative, you might just feel great, but it's better to be aware just in case."

thanks for volunteering!

give it a few days, and then let me know how you are doing...
thanks in advance for the feedback!

:red heart:
 Quoting: msz

Thankyou Msz.
Two things came up in the last couple of days. I watched an old movie cale Testament and started crying even after the movie finished because I am scared for my son and the movie brought this up. You see I have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and I worry about leaving my son behind.
I also have had my stomach going crazy and very noisy lol! It even kept me awake it was making so much noise. Very strange... My illness is linked to heart and lung problems but they also made a mistake in the hospital and had to do a stomach op to fix some but I have never noticed these noises before. I have talked to people about my illness lately for the first time. They already knew but I prefer to pretend it isn't happening for the moment as the symptoms are reasonably easy to ignore at the moment. Can this code thing cure illnesses or slow down their progress? I think the things I mentioned are about the only things I could relate to the code so far and i cannot tell how much good it has done me at the moment.

I do very much appreciate your attempt to help me and wish you love and light.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24498534

Hi msz :) Above I asked about whether the emotion code has had successes with terminal illnesses and then I saw in an earlier response to someone else you said people should mention if they have chronic ailments. I have Idiopathic (Primary) Pulmonary arterial hypertension(only diagnosed 1 year ago), amd I have had chronic and acute kidney problems in the last couple of years. I have already cured myself according to the docs of some other issues I used to have and they say this is very rare but I have always had faith I could until they hit me with the big one and now I feel a little diminished and unsure as to whether I can fix the PAH myself.

I also wanted to ask you whether I had protection. I did try in the past to create protections around myself and my house but do not know if I had success as I was not sure what I was doing but I know my son has protection in the form of something looking after him. It would knock on his door whenever he got in trouble in his crib to alert me and I saw them one night in the pitch black kind of fluoro looking around his cot.

I was also curious as to whether I had a heart wall or not and whether you were able to remove any more blocked emotions from me? I have felt calmer today but I am concerned that some self defeating patterns are returning since I was diagnosed.

Thankyou so much for all your help! hf
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