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Message Subject Try The Emotion Code here - release trapped emotions so the body can heal itself.
Poster Handle msz
Post Content
Dear Msz, Many thanks, we started to feel better today.

You nailed it again. Most certainly most of the pain was in my neck and focused on B's left side and neck...Which I have not mentioned on-line before..So you are very perceptive and accurate. Many blessings for your help.

We are not sure of the exact date either, but we know exactly who. And not oddly enough, B had asked me about this, if we had been cursed or something. Unfortunately it is a family member with an awful temper. She has apologized for the attack and we will limit contact.

Wonder why we were vulnerable, guessing it is because we have welcomed her in our home.

The attack was directed at us because of what we said, so it makes sense that the energy weapons were in our necks..and my head as she does not care for the way I think.

Typically we don't believe in such things as energy weapons/curses,etc...But our family member does..now we are rather more convinced then not.

So I grabbed some protective stones and wrapped them up for us to immediately put on. And it's time to sage the house and property. Any advice on setting up boundaries would be appreciated..Thanks..
 Quoting: lassensage

I dont remember if I have placed a shield around you and B. I asked if your bodies wanted one and got a YES on both. Shields have been installed.

So in the morning when you wake up, each of you say "shields up" every morning in case of deactivation. It allows positive energy in and blocks negative energy.

I sometimes go over to the Body Code when pain is brought up. It usually ends up at a trapped emotion, but several times I have found energy weapons in people. Once I was on a thread on GLP where the Christians were bashing spiritual people and I ended up with some energy weapons in me. I dont think it was like wiccans with their spells. I thinks its more like someone is seething with anger and focuses on whoever does not believe what they are saying. All that negative energy goes with the focus, and for some reason, gets trapped in the receivers body. At least that is what I believe. So say SHIELDS UP every day!


Try this. Say I am surrounding myself with a mirror shield to return any negative energy back to the sender with a magnitude of 10 (or whatever resonates with you)chuckle the next time you visit her or anyone who tries to push their views on you.
And thanks for working on Deja' and Alowishes..and Josephine..

Oh and also wondering if you have ever tried Bentonite clay for detoxing???
 Quoting: lassensage

I used to use clay foot baths from [link to www.magneticclay.com]
they have one for dental/mercury issues

as far as ingesting BC, I tried a P&B shake - psyllium and BC shake once. I think I may have added some colloidal silver too. Within 20 minutes I felt like I had the flu. So it was definitely working. Just way too fast. I have NOT tried it since.

Thanks again Msz, you are an Earth Angel.
 Quoting: lassensage

thanks for the affirmation. Sometimes this stuff is really out there and I am thinking, "they are going to think I am off my rocker if I tell them this"
but usually its right on the mark!

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