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Message Subject Try The Emotion Code here - release trapped emotions so the body can heal itself.
Poster Handle msz
Post Content
During the PreCheck Low Level Energies were found and removed.
I asked if your body wanted a shield and got a YES. A shield was placed around you to block negative energy, but it allows positive energy in.
Say "shields up" every morning when you wake up in case of deactivation.

 Quoting: msz

Some people who are sensitives can feel it when I am doing a session.

Dont leave us hanging.
Exactly what happened? What kind of paranormal event did you experience?

Also, what exactly are low level energies?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12782461

I am not positive, but I have heard that Low Level Energies are energy beings in your energy field that drain you. They may not be evil, more likely they are just bored and looking for someone to mess with.

Your shield should protect you from this if you say "shields up" every morning.

 Quoting: msz

Sorry I didn't divulge more of my experience earlier...trying to get some work done :-/ It's kind of a long story so bear with me...
Anyway, last night we were at my sister-in-laws house, next door to mine...upon arriving I looked in their back garage door to enter but it was pitch black so I went to the back door...we stepped out into the garage to have a cigarette before watching a show (American Horror Story, we love scary shows and find them greatly entertaining/amusing) after the show we went back to the garage to have a smoke before calling it a night and noticed her passenger car door was wide open, light on in the car, and questioned if we missed this the last time we were out but came to realize we were sure it was closed earlier (as I had looked in the garage earlier and it was dark, and she recalled looking at her sons car seat by that door when we were out last) Both of our husbands were gone for the night working so it was just us and her 4 yr. old son there at the time. She locked the back outside door to the garage, we went in the house and she locked that door and turned the lights off to the garage....we then searched the basement, all clear...went upstairs and I took my shoes off in the kitchen and we proceeded to check the rooms upstairs...I then went to the kitchen deck door to check the back yard...after I came back in I asked where my shoes were as I left them in the kitchen...we looked down the stairs and there they were, sitting all nice and neat directly at the bottom of the stairway...I asked if she or my nephew put them there as I know I left them in the kitchen and they both denied...I went down to get them when we hear a noise so i opened the garage door when she yelled, as she had left the door locked and lights off..it was now unlocked and lights were on(the switch is inside) we ran back to her room to calm down and figure out what was going on...we checked the house again and I decided I needed to get home, as my kids were there and I wanted to check on them, (I called them and they were fine and hadn't come over for anything) so I left out the front door (with a kitten for added support and protection...it's all I had at the moment) upon walking across the driveway I heard some loud movements in the back yard, yelled if someone was there and heard more movement, sounded like a person or large animal, so I ran back to the house afraid it was a coyote or timber-wolf...we live in the country with no close neighbors)we were standing in the kitchen trying to figure out what to do (she was ready to call the cops, but I didn't know what we would tell them...the boogy man is here??) I went to check outside and see if I could run home when I hear her yell again...went back and she said she heard a bang in the garage that sounded like the back door opening...I opened the garage door, lights on (they were turned off again)I checked the door, still locked, checked the garage, all clear....Finally I became brave enough to make a run for my house...made it home safely and after arriving I checked here to see if you responded to me yet, which you just had maybe two minutes before.....
So, we are not crazy, not scared easily....We have never had experiences like that before and seriously wonder if our imagination got the best of us but are certain of so many things, not sure what to think. I find it interesting that at around that time you reported ridding me of low level energies and I have to wonder if they were messing with us...it's either that or my grandpa who recently passed, or maybe just cause the veil is so thin this time of year (halloween) I really feel like something was messing with us though...Found it quite an interesting night to say the least:)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12782461

WOW that is quite a story
I dont believe it is just a coincidence that this happened about the same time the Low Level Energies were found and being removed by your angels. Maybe its their way of validating that, their way of saying - yes they were there. Or its their last prank. Hopefully so!

let us know if anything else happens.
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