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Message Subject Try The Emotion Code here - release trapped emotions so the body can heal itself.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi msz,

Coming back for a check-up. I recently moved cross-country, which went VERY smoothly, and I credit your healing with helping me to make that move - thank you! Things have been going well in my new location, however, I recently sustained a shoulder injury and the pain has been bothering me a lot. The injury and pain are so anomalous that I feel they might be related to some sort of astral problem. I've gotten in the practice of "shields up!" as you advised, which is enormously helpful, but I feel vulnerable sometimes, around the time of my menstrual period mainly. It feels like I am either leaking energy and the leak needs to be fixed, or like I have a burr or some kind of irritant that's gotten into my system that needs to be removed. I've tried to ignore the pain, but it won't go away, so I think it's asking me to fix something. Could you please run an analysis for me and see what's going on? Amy, age 28. Thank you so much!!
 Quoting: Amy 25857357

Six energy weapons were found, 3 in each shoulder. They have been removed...

Let me know if this feels right.

Congrats on your move! I am so glad it went smoothly!!!

 Quoting: msz

I think that helped - it's been a slow recovery, but it's finally starting to feel better. I'm thinking that it was more an inevitability of going through a lot of strain than an attack from negative forces, because I feel well-protected. Thank you!!
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