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Message Subject Try The Emotion Code here - release trapped emotions so the body can heal itself.
Poster Handle Mia41
Post Content

Thank you.

I am 42.

Lots of shoulder and upper back pain most of my adult years.
Losing hearing, and sight is bad.
 Quoting: Mia41

you have a pm
thanks for volunteering!
 Quoting: msz

Thank you !!! I just read through it, and will go back and read it slower and do what it says.. Yes the trapped emotions and the ages.. yes!!

The toxin/chemical could only be cigarettes and caffeine because I rarely drink alcohol and never do rec. drugs.

Also, my eye issues could be from the womb because my mother was under tremendous stress and the docs said that could be why I had to have a few surgeries when I was a baby.
 Quoting: Mia41

Check back next week for another go round, if you are up for it. Very interesting about the vision...
 Quoting: msz

Will do, will be working on your suggestions in the meantime..
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