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Message Subject Try The Emotion Code here - release trapped emotions so the body can heal itself.
Poster Handle msz
Post Content

Hello, tried to send a pm but not a paid member at present.huh Incredible energy, my body felt twisted and disjointed, eventually having to lay down and stretch my body to get all the blockages moving, lot's of spinal cracking and huge cracking of my tmj right side.. Then relief, and lightness to my body. Bad headache for a couple of days on the left side of my head. Thereafter it felt like my old self, u2efine Have slowed down again, but still improvement, thank you so much. If you would care to have another look that would be most welcome. Thankyou hfhf
 Quoting: sacred energy

you have a pm hf
 Quoting: msz

Just passing by to let you know that my energy level soared yesterday, busy, busy, haha. Today still good thankyou so muchsmile_kisshf

 Quoting: sacred energy

Hello, Hope your day is great, feeling not so bad, I must say each time you have done a clearing....my energy soars, its fantastic, but then settles down again, your welcome to have another look if you have time, it will be interesting to see what you come back with, especially to see if we are still similar, that was funny. have a wonderful day. hf

By the way you mentioned animals? what kind of animals can you deal with, thankyou u2efinesmile_kiss
 Quoting: sacred energy

getting ready to do your session now

I have done distance sessions on dogs, cats and birds - no horses, yet. But I think all animals/pets can be jealous, or peeved, or stubborn. Its fun to work on them.
What pets do you have?
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