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Message Subject Try The Emotion Code here - release trapped emotions so the body can heal itself.
Poster Handle msz
Post Content
Hi Msz: It's Barb in Belize again...I have noticed a great difference in my skin condition and depression and anxiety in the last week. I do feel that I had a bit of a healing crisis afterwards...I was wondering if you could look again and see if you see anything for me. In particular my ongoing skin condition and heart palpitations. Also if there is any general like inherited or heart wall. Thanks so much you are awesome!!!I'm 45 BTW :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1462480

Back again if it is okay...If you could do a general session...I've seen some improvement in all areas but still not there yet...Thanks so much! Oh and I am 46 now :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1462480

Hi Barb,

The following trapped emotions were found and have been released:

unsupported age 40
vulnerability age 39
wishy washy age 46
effort unreceived age 30
heartache age 29
Psychic trauma unsupported / overwhelm age 40
lack of control age 38
vulnerability age 38
peeved age 46
unsupported age 39

The ages can be off a year or two.

The emotions on the Emotion Code chart are not the only emotions that can be trapped. If it does not resonate that you had that exact emotion, the one listed may have the next closest vibration to the actual emotion - such as
worthless for useless, or
humiliation instead of embarrassment.

Even if the age is off, or the exact emotion is off, that ball of energy was released...

I don't know what will happen, but our goal is always to balance the body as much as possible, so the body's natural healing ability can take over.

This is all your body wanted to release at this time, it needs to process.

"Doing The Emotion Code is like doing surgery on the energy body. We are literally looking for "malignant" or harmful energies that need to be removed, then we remove them, and the energy body has to heal and reorganize or regain it's balance. If you were to do actual surgery to have a tumor removed, you would expect to have at least a few days of downtime afterward. Your surgeon would also likely tell you what to expect during this healing time, and he or she would also advise you to get extra rest in order to allow the body to heal. The advice after a session with The Emotion Code is just about the same! Be aware that if you feel out of sorts, have changes in your sleeping pattern, vivid dreams or emotional ups and downs, this is totally normal!
Drink lots of water, eat healthy and get plenty of rest, and let your energy body heal itself. You may not notice anything weird or negative, you might just feel great, but it's better to be aware just in case."

Give it a few days and let me know how you are doing.hf

red heart
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