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Message Subject Try The Emotion Code here - release trapped emotions so the body can heal itself.
Poster Handle sun
Post Content
Dear msz.

I just now realized that you not only do great work with the method but also created a safe place.
Having problems, illnesses not only this becomes an issue but also than dealing with seeking help.
Often people already gave up bc its draining to experience not meeting expectations over and over.
It's rare to get offered to ask again with no judgment, expectations,...
Before getting help often it's expected to change something or after one opened up, not only being referred to something /someone else also advise to change something is given.
Free often also became give me something or pray for something the person will announce. I think they mean good but 'pray for world peace' indicates I don't care already.. (happened to me)

I experienced how it is to be encouraged to get better with YOU, while before I sooner or later felt like a burden - to healers.
You didn't expect change. But change happened. In an amazing way.
You gave room for that - not announcing or pushing it.
Thank you for letting 'asking for help' kind of heal for me.

I wish I could express my gratitude.

Every time I experienced good, uplifting, energizing... Even echoes felt different and good.
It has an overall effect. Bc it was connected to so many other aspects too. Its awesome to notice how far it goes.
Funny though my previous sessions problems showed up after last session. But it was somehow confirmation that the toe and tooth were connected or like expressions of the pregnancy topic.
I slightly remember I thought about it when I first found your thread but didn't ask (about not getting pregnant)
Looking at it now I think it was the way already.
But now I also got my feelings regarding open up, ask healed.
That's awesome and amazing.

You are an amazing woman. Not only bc you helped me so much but how you do it, everything .
I send you my love and gratitude.
Thank you!!!!!!

smile_hear hf


I am looking forward to let you know 'that I easily got pregnant...'
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