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Message Subject ‘You’re promoting HATE’: Toronto police shut down preacher at Gay Pride parade
Poster Handle christian
Post Content
I believe that eating pork is a sin - a huge sin, one where you are doing abomination.

At no time in my 70+ years have I walked into a Paork BBQ place and started preaching the Law and telling how it is that Jesus never touched pork and that its unclean and abomination.

As much as you might want to spin this to make this preacher out to be a 'good guy' the fact was he knew that going to gay pride and preaching anything about homosexuality would incite a riot. Just like I know my going to a Pork BBQ place preaching how its sinful to eat pork would incite a riot.

There is right time and a right place for everything. Preacher picked the wrong - and on purpose too.
 Quoting: Bowyn Aerrow

Do Physicians treat healthy or sick people?

The Gospel is taken to all who have ears to hear, and maybe some do at a Gay Parade...
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