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Message Subject The Leonardo da Vinci LAST SUPPER Code - Cracked!
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
To understand the Graal legend, you have to understand the Christ (Messiah) formula. The cup is representative of the spilling of blood through the self sacrifice (pain) of life in this plane.

For 99.9% of Christians, this explanation is total heresy.

YOU are Christ (and Antichrist, if the formula is expanded). The whole thing is an allegory.
Why doesn't anybody get that?

The nails represent the binding of the spiritual to the physical & the cross is the Universe (which is universally represented by the symbol 'T', 'Tav' or 'Cross'. All of us are metaphysically 'nailed' to the material plane.

This life is merely a bridge to Heaven, wherein sacrifice to gain Grace occurs. YOU are Christ... get it??


Christ isn't one individual, it's ALL individuals.
He never existed as a single individual in a story, but he does exist (look in the mirror). Get it?

This is what happens when you let churches *interpret* scripture... they twist it into a money making scheme.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15830100

While some good is revealed by the metaphor, its still the wrong way of putting it. So I can tell that is something some mystery adepts embrace.

There is more on what the Grail is, relating Sophia, and the matrix/womb, and why they have been suppressing women and equality and love for a long time here. What kind of macho warrior and slavers the annanuki are.

The S, god ess, yet a twist again on the choice of infinity as a circle (the bear is stupid, the bear is stupid) or a Spirial of Progression. But you have to leave the slavery, pyramids, bloodlust, wars and embrace, wed freedom to unconditional love and equality, graces, virtues not laws, to graduate. Compassion.

The pyramid is male and represents heirachies, though in a light code, could be seen as progression or some form of structure, rather than abuse of it. The Female, challice, is the womb and cup of compassion (NOT SUFFERING).

The other is the dark code.

I just gave the light.

Its always been a choice, love or smiting, wars pain.
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