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Message Subject The Leonardo da Vinci LAST SUPPER Code - Cracked!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
REALLY Cool that you acknowledged AC for his /her part .. just thought I would mention it.

Here's the daVinci code, cracked:>
[link to www.pixhost.org]

and this to help explain:
[link to www.pixhost.org]

(thanks to AC 19257073 for pointing this out)
Original thread:
Thread: WOW!! - 'Celestial' Nile Discovered!!! This is going to blow your mind!

YOu need to watch this video to understand whats going on:

[link to www.youtube.com]

 Quoting: abhie

 Quoting: beautiful life 6015287

help! hELP! computer viruz...number 2 today
trying to comment on the Davinci Code connection
but am being attacked....that iz nutz!!! keyboard
doz not even type right. Iz anyone elze having
the attack viruz problem? 9 hourz today trying to
get thru to GLP to comment here.
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