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Message Subject The Leonardo da Vinci LAST SUPPER Code - Cracked!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wow thanks abhie, AMAZING stuff! Did you find that? Now I'm going to be seeing "denial" all over the place. Maybe there's more to it in all the " V" stuff. Now we have to go through every work of art and see what we've been in denial about!

I wonder. this is a total TRIP!

Too bad others didn't see your original post and won't take the time to review it before commenting.

Good work, thanks so much for the info... hf
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1034800

Oh yeah, I was going to comment that even on the right side of the painting the hands of the apostles fit the image too. Now we have to wonder HOW IN THE HECK did Leonardo da Vinci have a perfect ARIAL view of the Nile? Was it a secret map left by the ancients? or is it our consciousness now revealing itself in ways we would have never imagined?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1034800

You need to compare some of the old paintings, especially the ones done by Michaelangelo and the other religious artists, for more mind blowing stuff. Their paintings are an almost EXACT match to the INFRA-RED photos of the ORION Nebula!
Watch all the vids of STARSCREAM on Youtube.

Well, you know that those photos are colorized, right? They are not the true colors, the colors represent various gases and are computer generated. Now what is the truth here... This is getting interesting... I wonder. it's just too weird that the heavenly Nile matches the earthly Nile.
ARe the Nebula pictures faked altogether? or is this for real? are we really in some sort of illusion... Is the illuminati playing more tricks on us? very strange.
Thanks for the comments. hf
 Quoting: abhie
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