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Message Subject The Leonardo da Vinci LAST SUPPER Code - Cracked!
Poster Handle Silentlyknowing
Post Content
The Last Supper painting is NOT a painting about the "last supper" with Jesus and his disciples. It is a painting of a WEDDING FEAST or wedding supper of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9107938

Regardless of whether it is a Wedding Feast (that'll upset some on here) or The Last Supper - the link I'm referring to is Orion and the Son of the Creator ie Jesus in the Leonardo painting and the inscription on the pyramid
 Quoting: Sherlock 6695186

THAT IS AMAZING SHERLOCK! ABHIE'S (OP'S) THREAD HERE iS developing fasceted Layers and layers of really thoughtful CLUES! COUNTING YOUR CLUE we have covered about.....DAVINI'S INSPIRED PAINTING--THE LAST SUPPER--having a MINDBLOWING LINK TO THE NILE DELTA/NILE RIVER LOCATION behind the figures of Mary nd Jesus.........2--Wilton's 7/09/12 video AMAZING CONNETION that--YES...that same NILE DELTA shape matches--as a code--shapes found in his 15 year studies on FRACTALS in the deep space photos of the Orion nebula.....3 WILTIN'S VIDEO then shows the freaking AMAZING DETAIL OF HIS OVERLAYS OF THE TRAPISUM AREA OF THE ORION NEBLA--even to the CURRENT buildings on the gound in presnt-day EGypt.....4...Then Wiltinproves the connection is NOT Davinci's timeline for the clue but rather CURRENT 7/2012 EARTH TIME...tells us that this even challenges the Einstine theory of relativity and Egyptian History!.....5...NOW, Sherlock is telling OP about an artifact linked to THE ORION NEBULA/CONSTELAION WITH AN INSCRIPTION saying that The son(bloodline/celestial) comes from ORION!......Great Scott!......The clues are doubling! This is wonderful BRINSTORMING! KEEP GOING!
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