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Message Subject The Leonardo da Vinci LAST SUPPER Code - Cracked!
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
What might this mean...........??

I just searched 'How long does it take light from the Orion Nebula to reach Earth?'

Answer was:

'About 1,344 years - so the light you are seeing now left the Orion Nebula in the year 666'

[link to wiki.answers.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19669447

Interesting...666..where is your mind going with this idea?
OP asked me to try to keep the thread going while he/she was busy at work--but the request was specifically that we try to COOL IT ON RELIGION, if you don't mind.
....I have degressed a on a few posts and taken religous conjecture into the conversation, but I have to draw the line here.
You are welcome to take the 666 idea onto your own thread if you like...but I really think we "don't want to go there" with this one....DGT (Don't go there!)
I think that is his/her right since she has put sooooooo much effort and work into the research on various sources for artifacts/astronomy/fractal geometry/holographic universe/etc. Lots of subject matter there to choose from!

The 666 is a negative direction and the discovery by Wiltin in the "Celestial Nile/Last Supper Painting clue" is just about as POSITIVE discovery ever in human history. (Hurray!) No offense..just respect his/her wishes for the time being. Thanks for posting, tho! Cheers
 Quoting: SilentlyKnowing 19434596

I think you're wrong SilentlyKnowing. Abhi (OP) posted links to Gematria and the 6 grid (magic) square shown in the DaVinci painting (overhead and being pointed to in the painting). OP posted links regarding 666 on page 3 (9th post down).

Don't be quick to assume that the number 666 is negative and/or religious.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19238945

My Bad....SORRY!
I am new to this whole alternative-reality stuff and admit that my knowledge is somewhat dated.....
And I thought that the ones pointing up were pointing way way higher than just the ceiling if Davinci is referencing the Orion Nebula! The reason the GREAT paintings are great...as with any sacred symbol is that it is MULTI-FACETED...like a diamond with infinite sides.

If I am learning anything at all on this thread it is that there is no ONE MEANING. Zen monks had a favorite phrase:
NOT ONE! not two! I am a product of the western cultural progamming and usually only go out to only one or two decimal places to understand everything I see. Looks like Nassim Haramein is the man for telling us that's even DATED!
Here is the link for him:
[link to www.youtube.com]
Worth the headache and the time....I am still watching it!
Thank you for the correction--I intended no offense.
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