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Message Subject The Leonardo da Vinci LAST SUPPER Code - Cracked!
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
bibletards,the bible was written by Shakespeare aka Francis Bacon...it all metaphors of you ego traits,brain parts,and 7 chakras..there is also the sciences hidden within...these 2 threads will give you some of the metaphors>777 is the number of god and i am god..2)duality was invented by secret societies to keep nonmembers dumbed down...the bible is the beast,count the number of the beast 666...count666 chapters from the back to psalms 46(president read from 46 in his speech)...count the 46th word down in 46,then the 46th word backwards,dont count the Hebrew word selahhearts...then facepalm your self to the author..king david was modeled after king david of Scotland...if your a Scottish rite Freemason you know this...the literal teachings split the non secret societies members minds and keep them at conflict with themselves with duality concepts...the previous translations of herbrew and greek were faked and the history that goes with the literal reading by the vatican to further instill monarch programming of the nonmembers...so break your RE Legion monarch programminghearts...as i said the sciences also corospond with the stories...adam eve cain and abel is also a hydrogen atom and as cain slays abel and the hydrogen atom/adam reaction occurs...amd the lord say where is your brother cain,the lord is adam here...the word lord means earthly ruler as king,priest or prophet....astronomy is also laced all through it...if your not a Freemason you didn't get what the bible actually was every Sunday...you got crumbs from the masters tables...all preachers are free masons taught to give the false version...
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