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Message Subject The Leonardo da Vinci LAST SUPPER Code - Cracked!
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
Abhie--OP....You are NOT going to believe this...I went and got a new keyboard so that I could keep the thread going
like you asked me to do......My hubby dumped a whole bowl of chicken soup on it today and fried it! lol.....So I am back to trying to type commnts with this tiny on-screen keyboard program in Microsoft the apps! Chicken soup...how cosmic is that!!
 Quoting: Silentlyknowing 19434596

Lol, maybe it was the typewriters karma. :) Forces of nature used your hubby to get you a new keyboard. Then the same forces took the keyboard away! Lol (Maybe time you had got another one, but make sure you build a fence around your keyboard!)
Somehow, I always knew you were female!!
Sort of one can make out by the way one writes whether the writer is male or female!

Are you going to post that picture for me soon--or do you think we should pass on that-
 Quoting: Silentlyknowing 19434596

Will definitely post it here.

Are you going to post that picture for me soon--or do you think we should pass on that--being too much of a tangent to Danny's topic....Mabe it is better to stay focused on ART AND ORION? What was your idea about the direction to go in? I also noticed that you put a disclaimer about who to asign credit for the Da vinci LAST SUPPER CODE/FRACTAL Universe connction to exclude anyone but Danny Wilton.
 Quoting: Silentlyknowing 19434596

Any which way you can! Don't try to keep that focused on the topic. Take the thread wherever your mind takes you. Lurching and shaking like an old truck on a Columbian moutain road. Lol. You will be talking about Orion, Egypt so everything will be linked.
Don't try to limit yourself.
Also check the first post again.
Everything is now in its proper place. Lol.

ALSO.....an important note: you posted in your revision of page one today Abhie....That Wiltin would "stumble upon this connection eventually (by himself)" --taking the credit due yourself, me and others from GLP who have been brainstorming for days on your thread AND WANTING TO BUILD ON THIS SIGNIFICNT discovery--totally out of the equation!!......Certainly, you can tell just the complete delight in Wiltin's own voice in the video (you posted) when he is himself viewing the composit of Google Earth overlaid on the Nile Delta--the shape of the NILE DELT/NILE RIVER FROM THE ORION NBULA for the first time
 Quoting: Silentlyknowing 19434596

Yes that edit was due to Danny, as it was all his work that led to this. Danny sounds like a great guy in acknowledging your and my work here. But he's spent years on this, and it because of that, it took us like a day to crack this.

Danny concludes his video how? ......With an appeal: "WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LOOKING (through paintings by the Great Masters) for this stuff! If Wiltin was going to get all EGO maniac over this deal---He wouldn't ask for more contributions for his work! Don't be modest about Glp/our part in all this--OP. I'm really proud to have been involved--and this has given me ideas I hope to develop in my Masters Thesis in film studies someday.....We build on each other's hard work/inspiration to find the truth....The Davinci Code movie has TOm Hanks saying to the nasty "Professor Teabing": "Only the worthy find the Grail, Lee (Teabing).... YOU taught me that!" I say we--GLP--take the credit as being the Light Workers we are--each in our own way--and not have false modesty about a HUGE piece of the Wiltin puzzle!....I don't think this was a random guess.....Universe is ready formation to come FORWARD! Fractals CARRY CONSIOUS INTENT....It's obvious!
 Quoting: Silentlyknowing 19434596

I know , I agree with what you said. And lets not forget , where it not for your post , no way I would have made the connection. Yours was a major contribution to cracking this as you were the first to point that out on this thread.

I guess I could put it like this:
Discovering the REAL da Vinci code goes to You , Me , based on the research done by Danny Wilten.

Unless of course maybe somebody did mention this somewhere sometime in the past. Should we waste time trying to find out who discovered this first? I don' think so.
In our records, we were the ones who did it.
Until the day somebody comes up with a quote here or a reference there, the record is ours. :)

The most important thing is, what is the impact of this discovery on Humans? And human thought? On science? On religion?
If you think about it carefully, you will realise that this is an enormous discovery. This thread is hugely underplayed here on GLP, maybe because people cannot fathom the importance of this right now, but its there. Lets say we just bumped into an old castle hidden in a deep jungle, as yet unexplored. This is Da Vinci talking to us directly.
The Christians, devout as they are will hit the ignore button, but does that really matter?
There are a huge spectrum of people reading this, and surely there will be among us ,those who will take this research further, and maybe a hundred years from now, the record about human origins, and religion will be set straight.

But it starts here.
 Quoting: abhie
WOW!! Many thanks for the replies--OP--SO GOOD To HAVE YOU BACK! I understand your work commitments...you are very dedicated it sounds. I'm self-employed right now and the economy in our area has taken a rather large DUMP
so I am designing in fits and starts....just glad we can pay the computer/electric bill! lol!
I'm glad that you pointed out the CHICKEN SOUP KARMA SYNDROM...Yes, our house definitely suffers from it! lol!
The Cosmic Chicken gives....and the C.C. takes away!
That's really funny!!! (Maybe that is what the smiley face that is laughing is about...lol!)
POINT #2 You EXPLAIN your motivation for the page one edit about Danny Wiltin needing to have all the credit for this CONNECTION. Thanks for helping me see your point of view and I agree with that except that you are missing something in the calculation that it "took us about a DAY to crack this (your words)." You and I--OP--are ARTISTS. We design and have an innate ability to deal with shapes (FRACTALS). I don't know your age...(and I won't tell you mine! lol!lol!) but COMBINE OUR AGES TOGETHER and you will get an idea of the number of days our skills have been deveoping to the APEX of this discovery/connection. Not to mention the whole idea that "The Universe is Ready to OPEN" to these new discoveries. If Creator/THE GREAT KAHOONA did not co-sign what we are doing....all the posts in a milion years wouldn't come up with the path to a connection!

Hope I don't sound too HEAVY here, but that's how I am thinking about it all.....Bible folks will remember Jesus saying....
"Where 3 or more of you are gathered....I am there!"
Well....dah...There's Danny Wiltin...There's you...and there's me (the "more" is GLP and anyone who wishes to connect!) I love synergy and if this isn't the definition of synergy then I don't know what is!!
THIS IS GETTING REALLY LONG--I'll comment more in another
quote! Isn't this JUST TOO MUCH FUN? (Like the Geico commercial/w the little pig: "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"
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