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Message Subject The Leonardo da Vinci LAST SUPPER Code - Cracked!
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
UPDATE FOR 10/06/2012

I've been researching the link between the
first queen of Spain, Isabelle and both Leonardo
Davinci and Christopher Columbus. I did post
a short video of one art historian who had a
theory that Isabelle and Christopher were lovers--
however, it is the connection to Davinci that has
me more intrigued!

This is a picture of a Davinci Painting discovered
in the 1920's in Italy that appears to be a
YOUNGER VERSION of The Mona Lisa, than the classic
Mona Lisa painting that hangs in the Art Museum
(Louvre) in Paris, France. What is unique about this
younger version--and yes, it has been authenticated
to Davinci, himself, by Art experts--is that BOTH
paintings are attributed to Spain's first Queen,
Isabelle of Castile. There have been many theories
about who the "mystery lady" may be in Davinci's
most compelling that I have come across.

One of our videos (around page 20) shows an analyst's
use of mirrors and various angles of the image
of The Mona Lisa and shows a very bazaar image
on each of The Mona Lisa's sides containing important
symbolism tying her image to Isabelle of Castile,
and more specifically to the political tragedy
during her very successful reign involving The
Catholic Church, Muslims and Jews and especially
the exhile of the last Qualaif of Islam from their
country in the late 1400's, (during the time that
Isabelle commissioned Christopher Columbus to sail
to the Americas.) The drama and intrigue contained
within this story is the stuff Hollywood looks for
when making a love story/political intrigue/obecession
movie! Ah....to have been a little mouse in Leonardo
Davinci's pocket when he first met Isabelle as a
young woman (with the incredible beauty of the young
Mona Lisa!)

Here is the article for the story:
[link to www.newser.com]

I will try to post the younger and older versions of
THE MONA LISA when I figure out how to load the
smilies....new to GLP membership & luxuries! lol!
Anyways, the pictures are on the article site and
you can see them for yourself! She was very pretty....
poor Leonardo....what was their connection?
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