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Message Subject The Leonardo da Vinci LAST SUPPER Code - Cracked!
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
Hi SK!
SOrry haven't been around much.
Haven't read all the posts on this thread, but will update myself later.
Have been upta my necck in work, lol.
Projects , projets.
Then there is this 'research' Im doing currently into the vedic past of India.
Its all connected to the Orion Nebula thing eventually, and also the scarab beetle (thalamus) which is your avatar.

More later.
Regards and HUGGS!!

 Quoting: abhie

Interesting that you are researching the scarab
beetle (God/Godess "Khepri")--I've been watching
for info about this strange symbol ever since I
learned about the connection with the famous
psychologist Carl Jung's psychic experience with
a real scarab beetle! That's been, like,
20 years ago and I'm still finding out new
info about this symbol.
Here is a copy and paste for you to check out
I just found it tonight--looks to be very
in-depth....a really long read, however.
The Scarab Beetle discussion is about 1/4
page down.

I tried to do a hyperlink but it wouldn't copy, sorry!

I have also been trying to find a link with the
wierd image found in one of the videos posted a few
days back in the Mona Lisa painting which contains
the image of the scarab beetle/Khepri. If Davinci
was trying to link the picture's subject, Isabelle
of Castille with ISLAM the scarab beetle would be
a good choice, since according to the "God's Gate"
link for "The Hidden Lighthouse Blogspot" above,
the symbol of the scarab beetle goes back to
Old Egypt and the pre-dynastic era BEFORE THE
PHAROAHS! (between 10,000 and 20,000 years ago)
So, it would never be associated with the pantheism
of Egypt, but rather with its predecessors--the
tribes folk who Mohammed would have united much
later in their ancestry in the Middle East. It is
still a very vague connection, though, so I am still
looking. Perhaps, Leonardo Davinci thought of
Isabelle--who was also a mother--symbolically as
Khepri, a "Mother Goddess" who tried to get her
children to safety (away from both the evils of
the Islam and the developing horrors of the
Catholic Inquisition) just as the Scarab Beetle
"super-mom" would hide her offspring. It's kindof
a strange symbol for the Queen of Spain, though.
Any ideas why Davinci might choose "Khepri" to
symbolize Isabelle of Castille?
Gotta get some sleep==it is nearly 1:00 AM here
in Montana! Keep on learning!
 Quoting: SilentlyKnowing

Here's a good link:
[link to www.freewebs.com]
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