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Message Subject The Leonardo da Vinci LAST SUPPER Code - Cracked!
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
Here's something to 'chew on' as we
get 60 mph winds/snow in Montana today!
This article came out in April 2012....so
we can be fairly sure that the book author
didn't get his ideas from our GLP thread!
Here is the article:
Da Vinci was a Muslim, Iranian author claims

8 Apr 2012 15:12
Author of 'Leonardo Da Vinci's Drawings' says in this book he has proved that Da Vinci had been converted to Islam: "The book presents a comprehensive biography of Da Vinci and here for the first time I have proved that the artist had been converted to Islam based on authentic documents."
IBNA: Morteza Khalaj Amirhosseini's book "Leonardo Da Vinci's Drawings" contains best drawings as well as a detailed biography of this eminent artist. Based on valid sources, the book proves that Da Vinci had been converted into Persian.

Amirhosseini added: "I have prepared the book in order to address the needs of art students as there was no comprehensive book of Da Vinci's works available in Iran. We should know an artist by his works, but unfortunately Da Vinci is just an icon in Iran with mythological fame."

Amirhosseini went on to say that the book presents a complete biography of Da Vinci in which he has proved based on first-hand sources that the Renaissance artist had become a Muslim. However, the west prefers to keep silent on the subject, he added.

He added: "A French writer in the 19th century has evaluated the issue of Da Vinci's conversion to Islam in a treatise, but the west has banned the publication of this treatise."

'Leonardo Da Vinci's Drawings' is compiled by Morteza Khalaj Amirhosseini and published by Ketab-e Aban in 172 pages.

'The Wings of Simorgh', 'On Oil Painting', 'On Watercolor Painting', 'Mysteries of Miniature', 'The Life of Rafael', 'The Life of Rembrandt', 'The Life of Rubens', and 'The Magic of Drawing'

Article appeared in "International Iran Books"
(link won't copy, sorry) Just google:
Leonardo Davinci and Islam--several articles
come up!

I am posting this article because we found several
"embedded" images in the painting THE MONA LISA
by Leonardo Davinci which appeared to have symbols
that were used for the Goddess "Khepri" in the
Old Egypt Kingdom. Why DaVinci would use an
ancient symbol for Islam may be speculated upon
==but if he had an interest or if he converted to
Islam, it would certainly tie things up neatly.
Comments are welcome!hf
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