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Message Subject The Leonardo da Vinci LAST SUPPER Code - Cracked!
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
Just for your info....

Silentlyknowing has changed her AVATAR today...
due to the following reasons:

1. The AVATAR of the Goddess "Khepri" is
a very sacred symbol. It should be honored
and the use of it as someone's own personal
"FLAG" is disrespectful.
2. Abhie, the OP and original author of this
thread (although we are now co-anchors for the
thread now) will be posting PART III of his
new "Metaphysical World" thread. He has said
that the "Scarab Beetle" (i.e., Khepri/Universal
Mother Goddess/Giver of Eternal LIfe) will
figure into his theories. Out of respect for
his thread, I don't wish to comment in his thread
with my original AVATAR as Kehpri.
3. I had a really sad falling-out with a life-long
friend from high school who was very concerned
that Abhie's and my thread was "occult" and
anti-Christian. (She didn't point out her dislike
for the Kehpri symbol, persay, but it being
a true "occult" or hidden symbol, I respect that.)
I may use it again in the future, and hope that
nobody will pick it up while I'm not using it.
It may draw strange energies to one who uses it as
a personal totum. Just sayin'......

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