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Salvia experience! Youtubers don't do it right! (Long read)

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User ID: 16494630
07/09/2012 05:17 PM
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Salvia experience! Youtubers don't do it right! (Long read)
Don't pay attention to most of the YouTube videos of people smoking salvia. Many of these people are teenagers, like myself (I'll be 20 this year) except that they are just looking for a high in the recreational sense. What ends up happening is self harm or some other negative conundrum.

Me personally I've smoked it about 10 times at 20/40x extract, so I'm no expert but I never did it for a high. I was genuinely interested in the spiritual lessons it had to offer, if any. All of my experiences with it happened more than a year ago, I don't use any psychedelics to this day and salvia was really the only one.

First thing, you have to drop any expectations about what you are going to encounter. It can either enlighten you or scare the shit out of you. Keep in mind that the kingdom of God is within, and that the whole universe is really in your head (compare a brain cell to the universe, google "brain cell universe").

If you take a psychological or metaphysical perspective to this, the forefront of your mind is the electromagnetic spectrum that you can see, or your concious mind through your two eyes. Salvia will suck you into your subconciousness mind. You have a left and right hemisphere in your brain, and then the middle which is the pineal and pituitary gland. If you get sucked into the left hemisphere you will encounter your ego, which will quickly present itself as darkness for the average person as seen on YouTube and perhaps you're friends etc in real life, outside of the world wide web.

If you get sucked into the right hemisphere or the pineal gland you will experience something truly divine and not demonic (demons, fallen angels, overall a bad experience). It's my "theory" however, that you have to face the left hemisphere, or the ego before you can access the divine. Which is possibly the reason most say "woah I'll never do that again", simply because the plant couldn't override the persons ego and they don't want to let go of it.

I'll explain my first two experiences briefly, and then the last in detail because to me they seem the most important.

The first time, I had 20x. I was in my garage when this happened with a friend and my brother. I smoked and held it in for 10 seconds (I know, not nearly long enough). As I exhaled, I began to feel a watery pastel effect all over my skin, kind of like being wrapped in plastic. The sheets of metal, rods of steel, and wood that were in the garage in front of me started transforming into the bottom of a truck, at the same time I was half and half in another place. This new place had everything we do, I even felt the breeze and could hear the trees move. It seemed like a while that I was watching the truck form, totally petrified, I decided if I did nothing it would kill me.

I started coming back down and I was sweating everywhere, I thought my friend and brother had poured water on me as a joke. The after affects were extremely disturbing and uncomfortable.

The second time, with 20x again was in my backyard with the same two people. Again I failed to keep the smoke in for longer than 12 seconds, and my experience was much the same as the first, same feeling of being "here" and "there" simultaneously. The visuals in this attempt was me being a loaf of bread hanging in the food isle, same type of fear (couldn't let go of ego) that if I didn't do something I'd fall, hit the floor, and die. As I was coming down, my friend was filming it and I had this odd belief that the camera was causing all of it. I still had sweat all over me, and stood in front of the AC for 30 minutes trying to cool off.

Now this is my last experience, when I decided I got as much understanding from salvia as I needed. This was 40x, but unknowingly I had packed a much bigger bowl then I knew at the time. I held it in for 25 seconds and then exhaled, instantly all of my senses and my mind were sucked into a black hole. I briefly judged myself over all the people I had directly or indirectly hurt emotionally or physically over the years. This was all happening inside the black void, the blackness felt like I was everything and nothing at the same time with no thoughts but also all thoughts possible simultaneously. There was infinite time and space with infinite measurements. Then at some point a glimmer of light came into being, many say they feel they're getting sucked into it but I just felt that it was getting bigger from the point it was at, and really my mind or Conciousness was at a stand still in the same spot inside the void.

The light got bigger and began to enlighten the void I was in until there was no blackness at all. I remember rotating to the "right" a little bit and seeing infinite colors in the rays of the light, I did not GO into any light like many claim, it simply overpowered me.

So there you have it, I hope someone learns something from this, I certainly did - let go of your ego and don't let it get in the way of seeing the truth in the world and about yourself.

Would I recommend doing this to find out? Not necessarily, meditation has been much better since then, the fast track to spirituality isn't always a good idea, kind of like cheating.
I seem to have nightmares while I'm daydreaming.

User ID: 318585
11/01/2012 09:27 PM
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Re: Salvia experience! Youtubers don't do it right! (Long read)
Well said, OP. If you ever read this.
What I knew as tangible and real was nothing more than a flimsy, thin sheet of a reality.
I come to know that the real "me" is a supersoul that is my true reality that resides in the spirit world.