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Chemtrails back over northern sydney again yesterday

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 19089781
07/09/2012 07:55 PM
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Chemtrails back over northern sydney again yesterday
yes thats right, the chemtrails were back yesterday. jets were delivering the trails in areas where therer are no flight paths.

i took some pics on my camera phone but i think we have all seen enough of these now.

the weather has gone from clear, sunny and blue skies to very overcast today. its always the same after they spray us. the next day is gloomy.

its almost as if you can taste the chemicals in the air. they tend to sting your throat.

they just implemented the carbon tax here and there has been a lot of negativity about it. i guess they are trying to dumb down the population again. nothing changes with these criminals runnng the country.