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UFO Orbs Spotted Worldwide, Appearing Almost Simultaneously!!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 19095599
United States
07/09/2012 11:22 PM
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UFO Orbs Spotted Worldwide, Appearing Almost Simultaneously!!
A report published by RT that quoted widespread internet chatter and citizen reports claims that UFO orbs, appearing almost simultaneously, have been spotted worldwide.

The article reports that fast moving orbs were spotted this last week from the U.S. to Europe with many believing they were the same group of UFOs but were left wonder how they could travel so fast.

Fast flying orbs of light have been spotted in the US and Europe almost simultaneously. While many suggest they were the same UFOs, the question remains: how they could travel so fast?

First the phenomenon was spotted over Salt Lake City, Utah, about a week ago. Then it was also seen in Poland, Greece and Slovakia, some 9,000 kilometers away.

Witnesses report that the Orbs were red and orange in color and resembled nothing known to be in existence.

The orbs seem to be similar to the thousands of past reports of orbs throughout the world, the major difference here being that these were spotted at essentially the same time.

RT is not the only news outlet reporting a startling increase in UFO activity and, after watching dozens of videos and reading even more reports, we can confirm that this increase is happening.

An article published on thetruthbehindthescenes lists the numerous sightings in the last week and a half, complete with videos and detailed eyewitness accounts.

Below are a few of the more interesting reports:
[link to aliendigest.com]