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'Modern Objects found Back in the Past' - Evaluation

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07/12/2012 02:29 AM
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'Modern Objects found Back in the Past' - Evaluation
The Pegg Project® : Announcement
The Ronald Pegg research Booklets regarding 'evidence of time travel being found' are now available for free via the recently opened World-Breaking Discoveries website.

Instead of me mentioning only a couple of examples here on the forums, I have been asked to inform you that:

Website Topics include: Discoveries, Findings, Conclusions, and Consequences.

Extracts from over 20 Case Studies are available for reading.

There is an On-Line Interactive Evaluation of 10 Texts.

Here is a brief 3 minute introduction video:
[link to youtu.be]

[link to www.worldbreakingdiscoveries.com.au]
With a blind accepting eye, we travel into the future.
With a closed mind, the present continues the mistakes of the past - into the future.
With an open mind, the future escapes from the mistakes of the past and present.