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Message Subject Scranton, Pa. City Employees Go To Minimum Wage!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
just to give u the realality of this mess: the ave child here costs $17,000 per yr for school.not counting government help with college. so when any child graduates he is in debt a QUARTER MILLION, thats $250,000. that doesnt include the cops,fire dept,mayor,or any other govermental paycheck.
the child is in debt $250,000 the minute they graduate. not counting any services from that moment forward. now do the math on tax rate for 20-30 yrs of employment
and how much % of that goes toward present n future tax liability. whats the kids goina do earn half million dollars per yr to balance the pay back????
how many kids r goina really earn that??

it isnt sustainable.how long before the entire system is broke??? we dont have a democracy when the government works for unions and corporate greed. we have a socailist republic. ummm russia was not true communism.
USSR= united soviet socialist republic. and that ended with the country splittting. true communism is where everyone works for the wellbeing of all. more like the pioneer or lil' house on the prairie idea.ppl helped each other n didnt expect to b taken care of.if u knew a way to help your neighbor save money or energy,etc u didnt sell him the idea or hide it. u would go tell him .there would b more respect amongst ppl since they ALL knew the value of hard work n had different ethic than ppl now.
not saying that idea will work. but explaning what real communism is.somebody taught ppl wrong.
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