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religeous people

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United States
07/12/2012 04:18 PM
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religeous people
first they open up a thread and then whoever says something about it in a way they dont like they ban you from their thread? arn't Christians supposed to be like no fascists and stuff? :) its like me opening up a thread about how religion is based on mushroom usage and then whoever disagrees i ban him,thats a one way conversation then ,which implies that people like that are fuckin crazy to say the least...they keep saying to you how jesus is both the son and the god...coz thats what it says in the bible ,never mind summerian tablets and mythra,dyonasis ,horus...never mind that they had same storys ,coz its a diety created out of mushroom usage when the world began to walk...just take alook at the headquarters of christianity in vatican,there are two giant mushrooms in front as fountains.I dont know people,i dont hate anyone but i surely would love to tie up all these internet warriors and reveal to them their sins(sin is a old term used in archery terms when u miss ur mark) thats why jesus died for our sins,or i should rather say the mushroom...

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