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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Shinnob
Post Content
I am still not buying into the Nirubu deal yet. Seams odd since I lived out in remote areas and especially this last year. I have seen some things I have never seen in the sky.

Now they find all these things yet now just discover a moon around Pluto. I just do not buy this.

What I find strange is when I sought out someone who is expert, as in what are these 2 planets (not shiney) in the sky. I then never get a reply and avoided. Then I noticed they started chem trailing and would cover the view of them. I would just think I am paranoid but every time there was a good view of these things?. I am not a astronomer, just someone who loves to gaze at stars for over 40 years.

I at times think they will keep this secret so the cash registers keep going ka ching. Until it cannot be covered up any longer.

I have two eyes and now even binoculars, yet nobody educated can tell me what I see. Even if they are next to me. Its frustrating.
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