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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I have - in all honesty - been struggling with the extremely strong feeling that the shit is indeed about to hit the fan. This is based upon a progression of emotions based upon a pole shift type vision I had approximately 15 years ago.

This 'progression' consists of a 'its coming' type emotion that has now progressed to 'its just around the corner' - and by 'just around the corner' I am feeling that this means weeks to a few months - NOT years.

I could be crazy, I could be deluded. I could be plain wrong. In one way it would be a relief that I am. And I have accepted that I might be wrong. However, the vision that I talk of occurred a long time before I knew of ANYTHING to do with pole-shifts, global warming, or anyone else's similar theories - in fact it took me YEARS to determine that my vision was a demonstrable representation of a pole shift whereby a semi-permanent to permanent change in sea level would occur.

In conclusion - preparedness is key. If you are ready for a disaster but it doesn't happen, that is not a fail. You can eat your emergency food, you can re-use your emergency gear. And being prepared for ANY disaster is a smart thing to do - regardless of if it happens. It's a rational, sensible, personal insurance.
 Quoting: Charlie Frost

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