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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
sincere question: how is it a guy living amongst retired military in the Ozarks who used to be psy ops basically and LE saying on one hand the information is secret, and yet he frequents alternative media known dis info radio shows and blabs to the world for years about the subject. And he uses the Quayle effect, a friend told me, or emailed me - confidential source, all alternative media say this as no evidence needs to be provided. so now we have two running threads on a suspected *%^^&^ site saying confidential military information and he jokes and laughs about subject with another guest the following day about it. his venacular is what's telling, no emotion, apathy, scripted, and deliberate implant of psy op meme into the fear of americans. it could be a piece they add to another piece later, fake alien invasion at olympics or something. he's to comfortable, wealthy, and in line with alternative (mind wars) radio hosts to be sincere. i gave this attention, and thought about it. but his ego gave it away in the end. 6 bucks for a poster of him on his website. selling a book is one thing, but a poster of him? his identity is all tied up with military industrial complex too. i'm ex military, govt employee, it is not me. i would never, no matter what, sell a poster of myself. people show emotion like quaking voice, tears, shuttering, anxiety if they care about issues and people. he has a monotone, flat presentation. well folks, got a message from one of my sources last night, you will all be dead in 2 weeks from an alien planet. but do buy my survival books and videos to help you with this issue.

Steve quyale is doing 3 hour infomercials now on Hagmann saying famine and giants are coming, buy my chili. a nice civil lawsuit for distress and financial loss, as this crew has displace families with fear ver the years, would fix this. take his shit away like a fucking lying manipulative kid.
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