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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think it is clear now to those awake that something monumental will take place before the elections. QE3, kicking out Israel's leader through the side door, unemployment figures that are bogus - just as much as the aliases and Abode BC are, occult rituals, Sept. 11, 2012 revealing their cards, god the list is endless -- and all taking place just weeks before the elections. Are you serious right now?

And society about to crumble seems to be another diversion in of itself, a diversion from something far more devastating. The Clintonville booms and elsewhere seems to suggest that those in the know are digging holes in a hurry. And then you have earth shattering news taking place everywhere -- like the sky noises, animal deaths, Earth changes, magnetosphere, UFO's like mad, crop circles popping up overnight that would be hard for an Architect do draw out on paper with instruments -- and not only is this stuff not reported, it is all lied about, and mostly in absurd ways. Like for instance, the Seattle noises were fish having sex. WTF?? --no.

And as hard as it is to swallow, more and more people are coming to understand that the abundance of paid liars out there are not only real, but most of them are part of creepy mind control operations, many of them with identity issues relating to DID, or split personalities that are really a scientific way of saying possessed. Remember all of the babbling by media personalities of late? ---Many of these so called people have several alters. Here's an example of one: [link to www.youtube.com]

Some of these disinfo agents, usually from wealth or military backgrounds, are handlers -- Humanists, Masons, Satanic reds, etc. This explains their apathy and the ease in which they lie. They have no conscience, heck they aren't even complete people anymore -- hence split personalities.

So then you have the pyramid of deceit. Most of these psychopaths were lied to and led to believe they were to be part of a new Nazi regime. Oops, no again. They are part of an agitation process to anger the proles and foment revolution just before the alien harvest, the true occult meaning to scapegoat. So says the true controllers, the archons, which means authority by the way. Apparently they need to mark the food just before harvest, like cattle, so there can be no wiggle room during the spiritual digestion process into the One, as they say. I mean look at these psychopaths, saying the world is going to end but saying it like it will not effect them. Like they will be in the 4th dimension looking in. But when you have movies like "The Tall Man," demonizing poor people and Moore and Deagle still working earnestly to bullshit people for a 6 dollar poster -- it works at the sanity of us who remain intact. Why do they do this? Because they function 24/7 off of lies and coping mechanisms -- they have to stay in fantasy land in order to look in the mirror every day. They are infested with lies, it is a compulsion. And like you are finding out, most of them are pedophiles and have sex with animals too. And nearly all of them go to church on Sunday and wear dresses and suits, and drive Cadillacs or Lincolns.

Another example of this lies mixed w/ truth can be heard in the latest Deagle and Moore video, as Moore is going off on how FEMA camps will be for the special people, associating the whole story with an Indian elder. [link to www.youtube.com] See how they try to imprint memes and lies so the fears and hopelessness of listeners will not only confuse, and garner them loosh currency with their vampire overlords (like preachers, pop stars, and CEO's) but make the target audience think they should enter a camp, just like they fight to be debt slaves now, all for self worth and identity. Survival of the flesh. It is clear now that the controllers will ride this current story line right up until the lights go out. They know how to paralyze you with disinformation, drugs, vices, and cell phones. Most people will not be prepared for what's coming, and staying in your home when it all goes down will be a quick death sentence. Not only zombies coming, but what ever controls all of the orbs making crop circles will be coming too. And they can walk through walls, and into your dreams at night.

Walk around, look at posters here even. There are many that say nothing is wrong, so what. Hateful little porn addicts everywhere. They are like the prairie dogs that just got infected recently with the plague. The dogs in a hole down wind do not care about the virus two holes away because it hasn't got to their hole yet. This is the thinking of people today, they are not problem solvers, except when it comes to feeding their addictions.

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