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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Everyone needs help mentally with their thoughts as we are surrounded by zombies, as shown in the Howard Stern video in the post above. If a zombie holds secular degrees that just means they are all the more indoctrinated with mind control.

Here is a quick recap of the last 9 months to help you with reality, as I'm sure most of you are immersed and infected by local ignorance. Especially by the new age Kool-Aid that tells you to think happy thoughts to make it all go away.

Thread: weird light in sky..Ontario Canada!

Remember, the zombies follow the directives set forth by their Illuminati owners, and those owners are orchestrating left and right the downfall of civilization as we speak, per orders given to them by the aliens and yet to be seen: anti-christos. Orders to economically cripple the world and to bring about war and famine. So be assured it will happen and the zombies will be morphed into the things of horror films as they always follow their master's directions.

When the EBT cards, welfare checks, direct deposit, ATM's, SS benefits, pensions, 401K's, and SSI disappear due to austerity measures, here in America and abroad, the fire will have been lit again -- but this time, the fire will be lit in the zombies underwear to move their pathetic asses into change, which they fear the most.


No one, not even the zombie's masters, likes the zombie (useless eaters) very much. Not the ones milking the system nor the ones wearing costumes and name tags. They're all one in the same, little role players playing the society game.
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