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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
According to their level of possession, these walk-ins tend to show apathy and a sense of fakeness when it comes to emotions, as everything is scripted in their appearance to the public. [link to www.youtube.com] These zombies are multiplying at an alarming rate now thanks to employment, GMO's, vaccines, chemtrails, tainted water, frequencies, etc. A true contagion meant to get worse in effect and severity. As with Moore and most if not all media outlets, the deceptions have to contain elements of truth in order to be effective to the spirit. Look up Twilight language and occult imprinting.

9/24/2012 John Moore Show

Does everything seem to be going back to normal, or have that pervasive feeling that it will -- that you've seen this all before and you don't want to sound and look crazy to the heard? Does the heard eagerly perform norms still, hanging on to their story lines, their coping mechanisms during these up and down times? That is the TWZ graph doing another bounce in novelty. Like Solomon's Seal, Sigils, and the Goetia -- the old world elite are doing mass Twilight language inserts, ceremonies, sacrificial offerings, and magic to stop the collapse of this cycle. But their magic will continually fail as it is the Anti-Christos and the aliens/ archons/ daemons are whatever that really control the Unified fields. The archons are letting their subordinate bankers and wealthy class down gradually as to not panic them in the same way the elite do to you. Everything is a projection. When the TWZ graph dips again you will feel the urgency again, weird change -- whereby these novelty peeks will lose eventually to total collapse. This cycle, that began around 3,600 years ago, is like an old radio frequency teetering out, like a pulse.

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[link to www.silverdoctors.com]
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