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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Senior editor Gordon Duff, of Veteran's Today is currently reporting on Clyde Lewis that he received two intelligence sources, one from South Korea that stated that the U.S. and other nations are facing a hostile, alien threat. He also stated that the U.S. is arresting people hoaxing UFO Youtube videos. He went on to say that these hoaxers were spending upwards of thousands of dollars with little monetary gain, stating that there was some ominous entities funding these hoaxers in an attempt to clown down the subject and cause cognitive dissonance. Now it must be said that Duff is not a UFO conspiracy guy, and he stated that his magazine is a rest stop for veteran intelligence operatives.

Now one should recall a post on this thread stating that this was a psy op of some sort, especially since it involves Kerry Cassidy, perhaps given cover for some type of foreign military movement into U.S. waters. Before going into Project Bluebeam and the infamous three cards by Roslin, it has been clear that the governments of the world have reversed engineered alien technology. But what should be understood is the approach of some Mayan harvest and these very governments make sacrifices through wars and work suffrage to these entities, so going to war with inter-dimensional beings that make up the very Matrix seems a little far fetched, as the only way to battle the entities is the way of gnosis and spirit (per abductee accounts and study), not guns and boats. So this begs the question: What in the hell are these spooks and their satanic bosses up to here.

We have weird noises coming from above and below, weird weather, and weird lights in the sky on a regular basis now. We have celestial changes and solar anomalies. So I offer these sources for further investigation, and empaths please indulge as your sight is far better than any technology. And to make things even stranger, Duff -- after an hour diatribe into dark operations involving alien and govt. connections, he said he just made up the whole Pacific UFO war, totally throwing Lewis for a loop. And when Duff said this, his voice quaked. I mean, WTF?

A friend of mine recently sent me Gordon Duff’s article via Veteran’s Today citing numerous intelligence tips that a dramatic UFO battle occurred between terrestrial US Naval Military and what were described as “Extraterrestrial UFOs” off the west coast. I had my doubts about the validity of the stated events, simply because I know the complexity of what is unfolding is more than what Gordon’s article would have you think. The negative extraterrestrial threat is real, but in my estimation no longer worth fearing. This was the reason I did not reblog Gordon’s article because intuitively I knew there was more to this than what seemed to be an imminent alien invasion. This looks like it will be one hell of a wake up call for Gordon.

More likely, I speculated, were members of the cabal utilizing anti-gravitic/”UFO” technology to either 1) Attack terrestrial US Military or 2) Generate some type of psyop with the collective psyche using said technology.

[link to golden-rule.org]

UFO War–Veterans Today’s Gordon Duff Puts His Head ON The Chopping Block!
[link to johnkettler.com]

For some strange reason Veteran's Today is not permitted here either, so you will need to Google his original article.
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