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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The entire world is in protest, except America. Why? Because the continental U.S. is essentially an experimental lab. Russia and China know they can invade, and are readying to do that, as resistance will be minimal due to mind control measures. They also know that the existing govt here is on their dole and the workers under that umbrella are corrupt to the core and traitors for money, essentially mercenaries that will be dealt with after officially entering the country. After all, China is now a militaristic debt collector, fully in its rights due to maritime laws and the banking system laws of engagement. And deeper, the entities that the tops of govts abide by, are arranging those chess pieces but somehow the mind controlled zombies believe they are special and needed here. That is delusional at this point, especially since it is firmly admitted that the foods they eat are deliberately poisoned and now banned by other countries, but yet it is a football game that is a concern here. And no, this is not going to continue as some slow simmer, boiling the frogs shit-- that was so yesterday, as the true controllers are demanding their due sacrifice -- and that would be the American zombies, husks carrying evil energies knowing their path. America is a chemically and technologically possessed nation. Who is crazy here? I mean look at the eyes of the people on TV (the spirit talking box, research the occult cathode/ smoke device to communicate with spirits/ white noise).

This is reality:




Middle East/ N. Africa


The list goes on: Russia, Iceland, Canada, Western Europe, everywhere except America. And the CIA - organized Anonymous and OWS doesn't count. So if America is the unified target here, and being targeted from within by the Administration and intelligence agencies - who are supporting your delusional American dream then, a fantasy that you are somehow needed, or wanted. RT news is no accident here either, on all cable and dish networks. Is Fox news in Russia? The experiment is over and now the only thing left is sudden change, change you voted for called a harvesting of souls. I understand that you're fat and medicated, fully possessed and dependent on the State -- so what, how does that change things. Hell it's even in a new movie, "Branded," from Hollywood collaboration with Russia again that you are about to pay up.

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If you still have the capacity to think, you will see a pattern here. A story is being played out and arranged for the acceptance of world war and the death of billions, all promoted with predictive programming as you deserve this as it was all shown to you first. Enter the zombie virus, the ultimate possession. If you like competition so much? Then try it on for size as you eat one another.
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