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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Chas
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Was the rapture idea created and added to the Bible in the 1960's? --- yes. Does new age, Lucis Trust, the Arcane school and Share International promote Ashtar command as the saviors? --- yes. (look at scientology, Zeta talk, etc.) Like on the movie "Skyline," the light will pull you in. Did the Mayans depict the alien Rapture? --- I think so. I mean, why does that Olmec calendar center the US rotunda?

Most people do not realize that the most guarded Nazi secret, during and after WWII was the Unified Field experiments. The war was not about what the Nazis had done, but what they were preparing to do, similar to ancient Atlantis and what CERN is doing today. Look up foo fighters. Pilots stated, as today, that they flew right through the orbs of light, or the UFO's. That they were made up of some type of plasma energy.

Science does state that everything around you, including your body, air, planets, and oceans are curved fields of energy that do not come together as interpreted particles until a conscious being acknowledges the codes, or that particular vantage point through their illusory 5 senses. Even the brain is acknowledged in this way through feeling, in fact that is where the spirit and Matrix meet. This gives you the perception of smell, touch, sight, etc. Unlocking that door might set you free somewhat.

The story lines that have been allotted by black magicians and their alien overlords are the mechanism that changes the soul in order for it to be consumed by the parent body, or as the new ager's call it, "The One." The collective, the real motivation behind totalitarian ideologies, socialism, and communism, albeit capitalism is also part of vampirism, or currency exchange that measure loosh profitability. -- The Metropolis ideal, as dualism always has to ideals to chose from i order to precipitate sacrifice, suffrage, and the over all bi-polar nature of man. The inner conflict that never sees resolution.

Look around, most people emulate TV shows and are basically clones to the ideals set forth by the black magicians, or Hollywood producers that channel scripts through auto-writing as they are admittedly Walk-in's, just like transhumanists, academics, and top scientists. People's dreams, wants, and hates all come from the stories, or teachings of school and culture.

I think the subordinate human elite here are actually using technologies like HAARP to relieve pressures in the earth in order to keep the illusion, or current story going a little longer until some specific point in our near future is met.
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Thread: British Virgin Islands - EARTHQUAKE swarm...when CALIFORNIA Starts Virgin Island stops..definite correlation

Loosh is the product that the aliens are after here, and emotions will undoubtedly be out the roof when everything crashes all at once as most will be spiritually unprepared for the changes, having vested all of their energy into consumerism and materialism. This is most likely the purpose. But if you go to Google trends and insert the words ARCHON, unified field, or holographic universe - you will find that these topics have more interest now than say -- MTV, CNN, or even the Austin bullhorn's show. The idea of fringe is another stigma, one intended to isolate you, like putting you into an isolation chamber, which experimental psychologists like doing to their subjects -- as it causes astral projection, or separation. And these white coats, or human subordinates have obviously been instructed to induce a pandemic of schizophrenia and Zombie attacks, using chemicals, mind shattering ideas (mostly truths that were classified), and frequency based technologies. Be assured, the story will follow you when you leave the body and ride you right into the belly of the Beast. That is the goal of the false religions, secular philosophies, and habits, or vices. All possessions are based in guilt, shame, pity, and torment by throwing one's issues into their proverbial faces. An astral court room if you will, especially by the main judge: Saturn, the chief demiurge.

On Sept. 20, 2012 there was an anticipation of novel change due to the TWZ graph. We did see global changes take place, scripted or not (it is really all the same in the end), but sometimes the magicians are inserting changes unbeknownst to the public, hence the word occult, or secret. Precipitation of events is always layered in cause -- chaos theory. There were strange anomalies, with some trends already novel, like the alien like sounds from above.

Thread: What caused the Goes magnetometer to drop below zero for an instant on september the 20 of 2012?

Sept. 20, 2012 -- Turkey.

If you pay attention, you might notice that the religions, movies, popular culture, science, and current events are all pointing to the same probability. That an alien rapture, or should I say: Harvest is fast approaching, coinciding with the 2012 prophesies of not only the Mayans (Aztecs/ Olmecs), but the Dogon, TWZ, Hopi, Cherokee, aboriginal peoples, Egyptians, occult texts, and the Chinese. A harvesting of the "Branded," or marked so to speak, those souls that forgot their spiritual beginnings in favor of material possession. And willingly I might add.

Keep in mind, a virus is corrupt information -- disinformation, meant to trick the immune system in order to replicate itself within a body -- a contagion.

As Above, So Below.
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Interesting...who might you be poster...only 2 post under this ID...Intrigued
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