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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If you listen to the 9/27/2012 show with Avi Lipkin in the host page provided, [link to www.trunews.com] you will hear clear evidence that Saudi Arabia announced that they would have a Muslim president by 2008, and they stated this in 2006. This becomes very suspicious considering Hillary Clinton’s assistant has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and the fact that the Administration is openly funding that organization. But what becomes clear here, especially in the Obama video embedded below, is these terrorists organizations are meant first and foremost to be agitators – they are chiefly used by the octopus arms above them to destabilize nations and paradigms. You can research such genocides taking place between Muslims and Christians during the Balkan wars and the on-going North Africa tribal wars. But most people fail to realize that the Muslim Brotherhood was originally developed by the NAZIS during WWII, in order to infiltrate Africa in search of oil confiscation.

The radio show suggested above illustrates the Saudi backed government that has strangleholds on both sides of the isle. I would assume that this has to do with the petrodollar, especially since NAFTA and the deliberate dismantling of US manufacturing and self-sufficiency, which sets this time apart from the Great depression and WWII as the US was then, self-sufficient, hence people being isolationists – the very reason behind the false flag event known as Pearl Harbor.

I would assume the chess players, the arms above the bankers and politicians have arranged the personas and pieces in such a way to cause civil unrest in the US, using Obama and party as agitators. Another example is the govt. paid shills, or liars. They are being told to type lies in order to curve political views, but that is not the outcome. You should always look at the outcomes for the true intent. The outcome is agitation. I would venture to guess that the shill is up there with the Satanist, pedophile, and Monsanto/ TSA as the chief target for this orchestrated civil unrest – the scapegoats. It was the proletariat that remained after the Russian and French revolutions, and it was the disenfranchised workers that brought Hitler to power. RT news in America is here, in the United States for that very reason, so as to give the disenfranchised workers a side to choose from when the proverbial shit hits the fan. But Russia, like China is being played too. The true puppet master, at the top of the pyramid is the only one privy to the real plan. Think of Star Wars, as the Sith lord pitted sides against one another without them suspecting the true aim of the future Emperor. And as the eye in the Lord of the Rings, it does not share power, except with its alien benefactors of course.

Also, it should be clear now about disinformation campaigns. John Moore doesn’t even mention Nibiru anymore, except when a caller brings it up. All of his shows have been linked here since that announcement. This thread did a good job at breaking this whole thing down. He was handed a script and followed it. That announcement was more to do with the occult than actual waters rising. Nibiru, or Marduk is the Babylonian name for the winged-one, or anti-christ. TPTB have clown downed information with mistruths that people believe we came from monkeys and that space is a vacuum, when scientists have been writing papers and putting out research to prove we reside in a holographic universe, and that this whole arena is energy, or a Matrix. A totally controlled environment, except for beliefs – but as you can see, most people have let the vampire into their house and have integrated with the controllers.

So how will this play out? Well the people on TV want the world to remain similar to its present state just as much as you do, believe it or not. They are terrified of death and sudden change, as all people in power like to micro manage due to insecurities. The world will change not because of them. Sure they may try to change colors and flags around and take one another’s money and resources, but not cause the world to be destroyed – that decision will have to come from Marduk or his alien friends.

…See any orbs lately?

--- A lot of people have. You are watching the wrong people, or things. The walk-in politicians are just as much in a farm as the typical crack head. But the events due seem to be coming to a sudden change, or collapse. Only the inner circle of druids that serve Marduk directly know what it really means for the Phoenix to raise from the ashes, and out of chaos come order. Everyone else is a pretender, like the rednecks and blonde chicks driving a Chrysler, pretending to be a cop. More fantasy land coping mechanisms.

Agitation/ fear/ anger – the walls closing in on a pinned lion, called America:
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