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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This isn't going to end well.

Thread: Oooooppppppsss, my bad....lol
Thread: "China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third World War" Says Major General Zhang Zhaozhong
Thread: Wake the F*ck Up! - A Rebuttal

something is being orchestrated here.

Let me see here, Oprah and John Kerry sold an unknown figure, a first time Senator that was placed without due process in Chicago's projects, and inspired the poor into thoughts of social equality. At the same time created a divide amongst the social strata. The two salesmen were performing as ordered and sold a ticking time bomb in just a few months before the elections of 2008. Now the obvious is being shown, part of a plan. Meanwhile a large portion of the American population suffers chemical and frequency based mind control, further agitating the many who are not, the disenfranchised proletariat. Shills are employed to agitate too. So then we go to the obvious photo shopped BC, several aliases, Osama thrown over a boat, fake internet Osama pics presented by the White house as evidence, murdered a US ambassador, uses a dead man's SSN, federal monies to the very terrorists our soldiers are supposed to fight, Chicago gay bath houses, golfing vacations, isolates in a certain room in the White house and obsesses over ESPN and GLP, strange head scar, soldiers now being set up, financing for cops and military set to fall, the disenfranchised workers of America are intentionally being agitated into rebellion, RT news, Russia and China entering top secret bases, etc. At the same time the disenfranchised workers that Obama isolated have bought record number guns, agitating approximately tens of millions rednecks that are very familiar with their land while modern soldiers are taught to fight in urban warfare. Gangs in cities are being supplied by the PLA and Russians -- Los Zetas & MS13. The old regime is being set up, and so is the layer above them setting them up. The Grand Chess Board is intricate. This is the Communists way to change paradigms, a means to an end. Look at China: the rich live by corporatism, the poor by communism, or totalitarianism. But the president is just one catastrophe amongst many set to push America into civil war and change. And there are layers to the schemes and scripts. The Communists agitators are being played too as a unknown figure has the purse strings to the world, as a powerful circle of men carry out all his orders. All of these chess pieces will come together in the end and prove advantageous to the horned man behind the curtain. Scapegoats are the sacrifice to the proletariat. The workers (proles)that remain will be the builders of a new world.

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