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Message Subject OMG!! John Moore is right! Nibiru is here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
WWIII is about to start!

China is now moving into areas in the south China Sea and the Philippines, as the islands are next to Taiwan. The Philippines has already readied the combat forces for an attack by China. Japan is virtually a US territory and if attacked would require an American response. China is even aiming at Australia. This indicates that war is about to break out. The Russians have acquired all of the Arctic Sea without protest from America due to a Communist operative being the president.

The US military has systematically been demoralized by allowing homosexuals to be in their ranks, allowing women into combat arms, and legalizing sex with animals. Suicide rates still outnumber combat fatalities. And now the President has shown his hand and rebuked air support for troops in Afghanistan. The US economy cannot afford a police state nor world war. So guess who will move in and pay these American mercenaries. --- The World Bank. Who ever pays for their costumes and weapons is their commander. This makes LEO and the military now, corporate mercenaries. They will attempt to place pro Americans into camps. Or shoot them. All this as most Americans are fully mind controlled by all the electrical gadgets and GMO's. Intentional I might add. Leaving the country might be the best alternative right now, if physically able. Most people will fight for the American Sovereignty, as this destabilization has been visibly going on since the 1970's. No one did a thing to stop it. And it looks as if TPTB will release bio weapons. Do you really want to stick around and see what kind of stuff they've been creating in secret underground? They just got caught pumping gas into a NC hospital without any repercussions. And it is legal because it is an experiment. You are the lab rats getting cancer.

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